rDNA and Lesion Making Toxin Ethidium Bromide – Happy Easter!

Look at what the Lord did today.  Remember how the Lord led me to this article in the Journal of Neuroscience, and I determined that lesions are caused by lysolecithin? From there he led me to how lysolecithin is in our products and then in our foods.  Lately, my interest in lysolecithin is less and my interest in rDNA is more. Today, he led me to pray for a break through. Five second later, he led me to this.  My eyes popped out of my head. I am still freaking out.  Ethidium bromide is used with rDNA.  So, the reason I recognized this substance is it was one of the three toxins used to create lesions in the remyelination study (above). Breakthrough!

Ethidium bromide was studied by Yakima and Suzuki in 1979 and known to cause lesions. But to use it in recombinant DNA?  Well, if it stays in the rDNa and is present in the rDNA used in products and foods, then we have a problem. How about how these instructions say it’s okay to pour ethidium bromide down the drain? Haha – craziness.

Back to Yakima and Suzuki; they give us a great list for other demyelinating toxins, “These ultrastructural changes in ethidium bromide treated rats were compared with other similar previously described changes in animals treated with TET, cuprizone, hexachlorophene, hypocholesterolaemic drugs and actinomycin D.” Hexachlorophene was a biggie several years ago for the medical community, especially for those in surgery – they pulled a lot of it off the market. Maybe God will bless more breakthroughs with these too.  Back to my research into rDNA.  Will you pray for us who have had demyelination? You know, if you find the cause, then essentially you’ve found the cure.

Lord will you pour out your abundant blessings on us?  Will you keep many safe from ever getting lesions?  Please bless your saints.  Thank you for rising from the dead.  During this Easter season, it is wonderful to know that you broke forth from the grave just as a chick breaks forth from the egg.  You are altogether lovely. Thank you for salvation. My hope is in you.





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Lipolyzed Butter Oil and LysoPC and Food Lists


Photo from: http://www.samsclub.com/sams/jimmy-dean-sausage-and-cheese-croissant-12-ct/108099.ip

“Hallelujah! The Lord God Almighty Reigns!” Listen and watch here

Got another lookie here today from this patent: “A granulated butter-flavoured product as claimed in claim 5, characterised in that said oil soluble component is an enzyme modified butter oil or lipolyzed butter oil and said water soluble component is starter distillate.”

Lipolyzed butter oil and enzyme modified butter oil hand-in-hand.  That’s another red flag name for high levels of lysophosphatidylcholine in my food. That means this food could cause lesions on the CNS. Let’s find some food with lipolyzed butter oil:

  1. Suny Fresh Eggs http://www.sunnyfresh.com/cb/sf/Products/SchoolSpecialties/BreakfastBuilders/NA3031692.jsp
  2. Breakfast Builders Precooked Eggs http://www.foodservicedirect.com/product.cfm/p/184666/Breakfast-Builders-Pre-Cooked-Medium-Scrambled-Egg.htm
  3. Aunt Jemima’s Sausage and Eggs http://shaws.grocerydirect.com/pd/Aunt-Jemima/Scrambled-Eggs-and-Sausage/6-25-oz/051000063908/
  4. Jimmy Dean Sausage Breakfast Bowl http://www.jimmydean.com/products/bowls/sausage-breakfast-bowl#nutritional_info
  5. Jimmy Dean Scrambled Egg, Sausage andCheesehttp://www.gianteagle.com/77900354496.aspx
  6. Stuffed Pastries http://www.nutritionix.com/search/item/51c3f84897c3e6dfa4defabd
  7. Hungry Man Scrambled Eggs http://www.shopwell.com/hungry-man-scrambled-eggs-with-sausage-gravy-on-a-biscuit/breakfast-meals/p/5827620273
  8. http://www.michelinas.com/products/breakfast-selections/sausage-egg-cheese-breakfast-biscuit
  9. Turkey Wrapster http://www.nutrition.und.edu/foodpro/label.asp?locationNum=04&locationName=&dtdate=12%2F12%2F2013&RecNumAndPort=242097*1

I got the above from Googling “lipolyzed butter oil eggs.”

  1. Garlic oil blend at Dominos on the Parmesan Bread Bites http://cache.dominos.com/homev8/docs/menu/dominos_nutrition_v2.21.00.pdf 
  2. Mr. Sips Breakfast Ciabatta Bread http://www.dimanufacturing.com/pdf/542745.pdf
  3. http://www.shopwell.com/jimmy-dean-flatbread-honey-wheat-bacon-egg-cheese/frozen-appetizers-entrees/p/7790065025
  4. http://www.shopwell.com/culinary-circle-flatbread-pizza-loaded-potato/pizza/p/4113038784
  5. UNC Division of Finance and Admin. Chipotle Mac and Cheese http://dining2014.csit.unc.edu/MenusHours/NutritionReport.aspx?RecID=1478492623&af=&cl=1000
  6. Milio’s Cheddar Beef Classic http://www.milios.com/mobile/nutrition/15/
  7. D’angelo’s turkey gravy https://www.dangelos.com/nutrition/ingredients/
  8. Jersey Mike’s Potato Soup and Wild Rice and Chicken Soup http://www.jerseymikes.com/menu/ingredients.php
  9. Wrapped Pup http://www.thepopcornman.com/1006WG%20Whole%20Wheat%20Wrapped%20%20Puppie%20SY14.doc
  10. Hot Pockets Sausage Egg and Cheese file:///C:/Users/bwalker/Downloads/HOT-POCKETS%C2%AE-Sausage,-Egg-&-Cheese-24x4oz.pdf
  11. Steak and Shake Eggs http://www.steaknshake.com/data/ingredients-allergens.pdf
  12. Bacon, Egg and Cheese http://www.nutritionix.com/search/item/51c3c63097c3e6d8d3b4bc96
  13. Scrambled eggs http://assets.jackinthebox.com/pdf_attachment_settings/108/value/Ingredients_and_Allergens.pdf

I got these by Googling “lipolyzed butter oil bread” I pasted the first two pages or so.  You can look for more.

This is worth the Google if you eat Jimmy Dean: “lipolyzed butter oil Jimmy Dean.”

Lord, will you please free everyone from their sicknesses and restore them spiritually and physically?  We need you Lord.  Save souls. Heal bodies. Give us freedom in Christ Jesus, our Lord and Savior who died suffering our penalty for rebellion against you. I am so sorry Lord.  I love you. Thank you for suffering my death.  I am saved through your obedience.  Thank you Jesus!  I am saved!  How precious is your death for us.  We love you.  “Holy! Holy  are you Lord God Almighty. Worthy is the Lamb!”  

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Cheese and Citric Acid and Fermented Tofu and Leukemia and Lesions

I love blogs because you can build a picture using the internet.  It’s better than a paperback book. Watch this song here and listen. Jesus! “You lived, You died, You said in three days You would rise
You did, You’re alive
You rule, You reign, You said You’re coming back again
I know You will, all the earth will sing Your praises.” 

Let’s look at the enzymes in the patent that we looked at in “What’s Causing Your Pain? LysoPC.” 

Jesus will you help me unpack the patent on lysoPC cheese? My notes are in brackets []. The quotes are from this patent.

“The phospholipase may be of any origin, e.g. of animal origin (such as, e.g. mammalian), e.g. from pancreas (e.g. bovine or porcine pancreas), or snake venom or bee venom. Alternatively, the phospholipase may be of microbial origin, e.g. from filamentous fungi, yeast or bacteria, such as the genus or species” –  

Aspergillus niger, [Black mold. Citric acid - it's in juices and lollipops - organic lollipops from beets (probably in there too). Nice. Does A. niger stay in the citric acid and lyse PC and make lysoPC - say if you added it to tomato juice or marinara sauce (tomatoes are rich in PC - think canning tomatoes and adding citric acid)? http://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0960852498000261] 

Dictyostelium, e.g. D. discoideum; [aka. slime mold http://www.nih.gov/science/models/d_discoideum/ Deals with genes and is good for studying problem diseases- Yum! I can't wait to eat that.  I imagine that's so good for me.]

Mucor, e.g. M. javanicus, [http://www.foodstandards.gov.au/code/applications/documents/FAR_A517_Lipase_from_M_javanicus.pdf Australia and New Zealand didn't discover any "public health or safety concerns" So, if it lyses PC and increases the lysoPC, it's not dangerous?  So, CNS lesions are not a public health or safety concern?  Someone didn't do their homework.]

M. mucedo, [Easy to get bogged down in this one...Botany, sexual hormones, http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/j.1469-8137.1968.tb06397.x/pdf]

M. subtilissimus; [This one's suitable to make fermented tofu. Um.  Tofu is soy. Soy lecithin. Lots of lecithin in soy; add this enzyme and you've got unnaturally high levels of lysoPC in fermented tofu. Any non-dairy or vegan MSers here? http://books.google.com/books?id=0BPI_SyC8VQC&pg=PA281&lpg=PA281&dq=mucor+subtilissimus&source=bl&ots=Q3nm2BFB_S&sig=1obWmUgARupEWppdos3aySg93o4&hl=en&sa=X&ei=mldEU4HyLq-E2gXWv4DwDQ&ved=0CDwQ6AEwAw#v=onepage&q=mucor%20subtilissimus&f=false]

Neurospora, e.g. N. crassa; [http://fungi.ensembl.org/Neurospora_crassa/Info/Index Has RIP ability which is gene silencer. Read more about RIP here http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1451165/]

Rhizomucor, e.g. R. pusillus; [Why lookie here - a cause of leukemia. http://cid.oxfordjournals.org/content/16/5/640.full.pdf . Also, they know what causes leukemia.  It's another one that everyone looks around and no one mentions the elephant in the room.  It's in this study on permethrin - you know, in lice soap and lotions and in bug sprays like these. Look at the study and look at the four studies on children leukemia before 2010.]

This is mighty interesting, but I believe this is enough for a Tuesday afternoon. We’ll have to pick up here another day – Rhizopus arrhizus.

Jesus will you lead the right people here?  Thanks God!  Will you cause many hearts to change?  Will you help people believe you died for their sins and rose from the dead and to experience freedom from their diseases?  Thank you Jesus.

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Eating Real Food and Working on Healing


Photo from: http://www.southernliving.com/food/entertaining/organic-chefs-garden 

Dearest Lord Jesus. We praise you for your overarching and overwhelming supply of grace. Thank you for forgiving us and giving us your thankfulness.  Your steadfast love for me endures forever.  How great thou art.

So, I’ve been on this diet since the last days of December 2013 to try to heal from neurodegeneration and vasoconstriction which I think was caused by lysoPC in my diet and products most of my life.  I started with fruits and vegetables for four days and completely eliminated anything with enzymes, then went to all foods that are not enriched, like just plain rice in very small amounts and plain flour (I know, flour! I keep praying about eliminating it, but I feel like it may be okay.). Anyway, I have tried to eat as much organic as possible and as much fresh as possible.  I have had a few church dinners – not stellar moments.  My whole aim is to avoid anything that may have unnatural amounts of lysoPC.  

I began by watching a few key indicators of malnutrition – my toes, my heartbeat, my right hip (pain from a car wreck that may be heightened by lysoPC), my memory, my balance, and my skin.  I can’t really see any changes in those places. I had a few days of really good memory and then had a few days of bad memory,but the good days were so out of the norm that I was happy.  

Then I looked at a plant. I am not good about watering plants, and this one has dried ends.  I started thinking about the plant.  It began withering from the outward ends, and the core is still green. I read that our bodies degenerate from outward (our toes and fingers) to inward (possibly or heart, spine, and head).  I think that our bodies may heal from the core outward.  Maybe my head, heart, and spinal cord are healing first.  Also, a poster commented in a blog that if it took our body so long to get in this shape, then imagine how long it would take to get out of it.  Using that mentality, then it may take a little longer, especially since I cannot eat 100% organic with my own personal chef. Also, there are so many sources of unnatural lysoPC; I am probably still exposing myself to it inadvertently.

None of my key indicators are changing yet, but I wonder, how much has changed in my central nervous system?  I imagine that in three more months I should have some marked signs of regeneration.  I did have a fizzling electric type shock feeling on my left ribs for a long while that is no longer there. I am about to make walnuts, fish, and avocados a staple of my diet, since I see obvious differences in my skin after eating foods with omega-3s and hope this also translates into the rest of my body. 

Also, I just found a source for milk that’s only been pasteurized – no vitamin D added!  I am happy about this addition.  

Hopefully, if this diet works for me, then I can help others.  Using premium ingredients and not eating processed food has surpassed my taste expectations.  This real food tastes so good.  I always knew as a teenager that foods tasted better than the processed stuff I ate.  I’d sit there eating these MSG chips thinking, these don’t taste good, why am I still eating them?  Then, as a young professional, I’d do the same with frozen food – this doesn’t taste good, but I paid for it, so I’m going to eat it.  Then eating in restaurants I’d think, this doesn’t taste good, why am I paying so much for food that doesn’t taste good? I really always knew that processed bread didn’t taste anywhere nearly as good as fresh baked bread.  How can that many chemicals compare with flour and oil?  Then I started trying organic fruits. They tasted good!  Premium food.  It really helped me to think about organic as being gourmet.  I could eat food that chef’s cook with, but I have to admit I was hesitant to eat “organic” thinking it was weird.  Gourmet, premium food – not weird – yummy!  

Anyway, will you pray my memory returns as well as for my healing? If I try to heal ‘the hard way,’ by changing my diet and figuring out new foods to shop for and cook, then maybe I can teach someone else how to do it. There are already a lot of people trying to help.  I hope I can do a small part in helping those suffering with diseases.

(Oh yeah, I lost about 15 pounds of stubborn weight at the very beginning of this diet and had a nice steady weight since then. My muscles are also more defined than they’ve ever been.)

Jesus, you are awesome.  You are the great healer.  Will you bring many into your kingdom?  Will you rejuvenate our souls and our bodies and use us to bring you glory?  You always love us.  You always love us no matter what.  Thank you Jesus for suffering in our place. Thank you God for seeing Jesus’ perfect righteousness in our place so that we may approach you with confidence and grace.  Thank you for your redeeming love.  Your resurrection is our hope.  You are alive. We will live forever with you. You can never die again.  I cannot wait to be with you.  Will you come again quickly? May your will be done on earth as it is heaven. What a great day when all knees will bow before you.  You alone are worthy of all glory, honor, and praise!  We love you Jesus!

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Tinier Parts of DNA?

Worthy is the Lamb.  Jesus is worthy to receive all honor, glory and praise because he suffered for my sins.  I deserved to die for my transgressions and instead Jesus died for them on the cross, suffering separation from Almighty God so that I’ll never have to.  God will never leave me or forsake me. God raised Jesus from the dead.  Jesus has an indestructible life and lives forever.

Recombinant DNA is possible because DNA molecules from all organisms share the same chemical structure. They differ only in the nucleotide sequence within that identical overall structure.” – If the aforementioned statements reflect a general consensus among scientists, then the following ideas may need to be traced out.  What if there are smaller particles or parts of DNA that we do not know about that are different? Does anyone study the nuclear debris? DNA trash experts? Haha. Seriously though. How far down are people looking at the DNA?  Do the scientists go past a certain depth? Why not jump in a little further and see if there’s something in there undiscovered?

This is old news but similar in the thrust that the junk is not junk at all. It mentions switches in the DNA and “when, where, and how the gene is switched on or off.” I think this is a major blow to rDNA.  You cannot just hack DNA and engineer it and stick it in a living being and not expect some deleterious results. I wonder what follow up research found. This article deals with switches whereas my hypothesis above with DNA deals with actual parts of DNA. On another related note, I firmly believe that finding the cause of autoimmune diseases will be found in what the research calls debris, and I believe that debris is made up of silica – barring multiple sclerosis.

The International Diabetes Federation says that “Today, insulin is mostly made biosynthetically by recombinant DNA technology or ‘genetic engineering’.”  So, most diabetics taking insulin are taking into their body rDNA. I wonder if the rDNA insulin affects lysoPC and the liver.

Christ died for my sins.  Only God would suffer for me. Only God is good.  Thank you Jesus for suffering for my sins.  Thank you Jesus for being holy.  I am so glad Jehovah God raised you from death. I am so glad I will live eternally with you.

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Indian spice may delay liver damage and cirrhosis


You may want to add turmeric to blueberries and avocado if you have liver disease.

Originally posted on Health Research Report:

Space-filling model of the curcumin molecule, ...

Space-filling model of the curcumin molecule, the yellow coloring found in turmeric. This image shows the keto form. Colour code (click to show) : Black: Carbon, C : White: Hydrogen, H : Red: Oxygen, O (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Public release date: 23-Mar-2010

 - curcumin diet significantly reduced bile duct blockage and curbed liver cell (hepatocyte) damage and scarring (fibrosis) by interfering with several chemical signalling pathways involved in the inflammatory process.



Curcumin improves sclerosing cholangitis in Mdr2 -/- mice by inhibition of cholangiocyte inflammatory response and portal myofibroblast proliferation

Curcumin, one of the principal components of the Indian spice turmeric, seems to delay the liver damage that eventually causes cirrhosis, suggests

preliminary experimental research in the journal Gut.

View original 277 more words

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Nuts and Bolts Information about Healing from Neurodegeneration

Jesus thank you for guiding us with your holy spirit.  You are amazing. Thank you for dying for my sins.  Thank you God for raising Jesus from death.  Thank you imputing Jesus’ righteousness to me so that I may live in your presence for the rest of my life and eternally.

I posted this in a blog today and thought it sums up a lot of the information in this blog. 

“I am sorry to hear about it. I pray you heal and are led into all truth. Has anyone told you that your body can heal? There is a connection between high levels of lysoPC and central nervous system damage. LysoPC occurs naturally in super small quantities. Processed foods, smoking marijuana and / or cigarettes, excessive alcohol, DHA, medicines, and modified foods all increase lysoPC levels. Your body can heal if you eliminate all these (and more). Strip your diet down to pure real food, no additives of any kind. Rethink any multi vitamins and ask your pharmacist about lysophosphatidylcholine in your medicines. This is an unusual request, so really make them do it. I stay away from anything with enzymes, including contact solution. I stay away from anything with soy lecithin. You are so pretty. I can see you use a lot of products. You must stay away from processed make up. There is one called 100% Pure, which I am not trying to sell to you. I use it because I had two lesions on my spine, and I don’t want anymore. I have written extensively on this subject in my website. I pray for your healing and the healing of all reading this. You ain’t gonna hear this from your doctor, so consult with him or her; I’m not giving medical advice. God’s blessings!”

I should add a few more things: I do my best to stay away from digestive enzymes, vegetable oils (unless expellar pressed), umm anesthesia (?), enriched foods, weight training shakes and supplements, chemical warfare (haha), unnaturally occurring vitamin E, lotions, vitamin K preparations, sunscreens, most personal care products, 

Seem pretty extreme?  So does not being able to walk or pick up my feet or feel with my hands or breath right or have my heart beat right or remember things or balance right. So does feeling a MS hug, sciatica…

If I see something I really want to eat and it has some of this stuff in it, I try to think about not being able to do things or being in pain. I also think, hey, if this had a small amount of arsenic added to it, would I eat it? No! That pretty little cupcake sprinkled with arsenic – I really don’t care for one, thank you.  Why are they putting poison (lysoPC) in our food?

“11 But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.” Your spirit dwells in us.  Thank you Jesus for dying in my place and being raised  so I may have new life with you forever. 

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