Kiddie Food that’s Making Our Children Sick – Like Really Sick

Lord, this is so heart sickening.  Our food is so toxic and the children are eating it and have no chance without you guiding us.  Please help us to prepare and provide healthy food for the children and adults.  This one will really take your guidance. Please will you stop this food from being given to the children?

Does your child suffer from acid reflux, pyloric or stomach problems, low tone, sclerosis, inability to walk or balance, inability to swallow, muscular dystrophy, a neurological problem or something closely aligned with any of these? I tried to compile the children’s things from the blog into one post. 

Please check these children’s products to see if he or she is using any of these.


  1. Los Cabos Breakfast Burritos (Served in schools across the U.S.A.) It’s in the first ingredient!!! Tell your child not to eat the breakfast burrito in the green wrapper.  
  2. Sunny Fresh Eggs Look at this!  These eggs are for schools too!  This is NOT OKAY!
  3. Campbell’s 98% Fat Free Cream of Mushroom Condensed Soup, 10.75 oz
  4. Campbell’s Condensed Soup – Cream of Chicken, 98% Fat Free
  5. Campbell’s Original Spaghetti O’s
  6. Chef Boyardee Beefaroni Macaroni With Beef In Tomato Sauce
  8. Gerber Graduates Microwaveable Meals Pasta Shells & Cheese Lil’ Meals
  9. Graduates Lil’ Pasta Shells & Cheese Meals
  10. Kid Cuisine Fiesta Taco DippersKid Cuisine Fiesta Taco Dippers
  27. Betty Crocker, Hamburger Helper, Cheesy Lasagna
  28. Many Green Giant vegetable and cheese or butter items. See more here Facts About What Causes MS, ALS, and Neurodegenerative Disorders – Enzyme Modified Butter and Butterfat
  29. Campbell’s Cheddar Cheese Condensed Soup
  30. Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles, Cheese Sauce, Egg and Bacon
  31. Pillsbury Bacon and Veggies Egg Scrambles
  32. Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles, Cheese Sauce, Egg and Sausage
  33. Pillsbury Egg Scrambles Sausage and Veggies
  34. Pillsbury Egg Scrambles, Sausage
  35. Michelina’s Traditional Recipes Apple Pie Mega Snackers
  36. Babytime!  Massage Serum
  37. Intellishade® Broad-Spectrum SPF 45
  38. Vaccines with Lysolecithin / lysophosphatidylcholine – The vaccines come in a box with an ingredients list.  Ask for it.
  39. Fast Food List with LysoPC Wendy’s. Chick-fil-A, Arby’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Taco Bell, Panera Bread, Whataburger, Hardees, KFC, McDonald’s, Subway, Dunkin Donuts,
  40. DermaSoleil Kid’s Sunblock
  41. Enfamil uses crypthecodiniom cohnii in the ingredients list for DHA.
  42. I’d add PediaSure to this list since it uses DHA from C. Cohnii too.
  43. Ragu – Cheesy Classic Alfredo
  44. The complete lists are here:   Do you eat this?Lipolyzed Butter Oil and ysoPC and Food ListsFacts About What Causes MS, ALS, and Neurodegenerative Disorders – Enzyme Modified Butter and ButterfatProducts with Lysolecithin; Vaccines, rDNA, and LysoPCFast Food List with LysoPCSclerosis from Infant Formula?Enzyme-Modified Molly

Thank you Lord for comprising this list.  Will you help many to know you are the glorified king who died for our sins suffering anguish on the cross and rising from the dead?  We love you Jesus.  Please protect these children.

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Facts About What Causes MS, ALS, and Neurodegenerative Disorders – Enzyme Modified Butter and Butterfat

Dear Lord please bless these people. Will you help them to identify what’s causing their lesions or sickness?  Lord thank you for dying for our sins and giving us brains and spiritual eyes to understand your word.  Thank you Jesus for your gift of eternal life.

When the lecithin in butter is reacts with some enzymes, the enzyme hydrolyzes the leicthin and increases the amount o lysolecithin / lysophosphatidylcholine to toxic levels.  Here are some products with “enzyme modified butter.”  If you have any sickness including but not limited to ALS, multiple sclerosis (MS), neuropathy, or any neurodegenerative disease, please read your labels and throw the food away!  Read the rest of my blog for more product lists.  This is not theory.  It is fact – increased levels of lysolecithin / lysophosphatidylcholine cause lesions on the central nervous system.  

These are from the Good Guide which hasn’t looked into this fact about enzyme modified butter since it says it has no harmful qualities.  Good Guide I invite your chemists and scientists to read my blog, and I thank you for the lists of these foods on your site.  

A. These are the Frozen Vegetables with Enzyme Modified Butter. For ingredients lists click on the item here.

  1.  Green Giant Baby Vegetable Medley
  2. Green Giant Steamers – Broccoli Carrots, Cauliflower and Cheese Sauce
  3. Green Giant Baby Vegetable Medley and Butter Sauce
  4. Green Giant Healthy Weight
  5. Green Giant Healthy Vision (No comment. Okay I do have to comment here – Optic Neuritis.)
  6. Green Giant Healthy Vision Rosemary Butter Sauce
  7. Green Giant Baby Brussels Sprouts and Butter Sauce
  8. Green Giant Broccoli Spears and Butter Sauce
  9. Green Giant Broccoli and Cheese Sauce
  10. Green Giant Cut Leaf Spinach and Butter Sauce
  11. Green Giant Baby Brussels Sprouts and Butter Sauce
  12. Green Giant Honey Glazed Carrots
  13. Green Giant Boxed Immunity Blend (Lord, please help me refrain from sarcastic comments…Immunity???)
  14. Green Giant Baby Lima Beans and Butter Beans
  15. Green Giant Le Seur Peas in Butter Sauce
  16. Green Giant Garden Vegetabe Medley 
  17. Green Giant Baby Sweet Peas and Butter Sauce
  18. Green Giant Roasted Red Potatoes, Green Beans, and Rosemary Butter Sauce
  19. Green Giant Broccoli, Cauliflower, Carrots and Cheese Sauce
  20. Green Giant Broccoli and Cheese Sauce
  21. Green Giant Rice Pilaf – Rice, Carrots, Peas, and Mushrooms
  22. Green Giant Just For One Corn and Peas in Basil Butter Sauce
  23. Green Giant Broccoli and Zesty Cheese Sauce
  24. Green Giant Niblets Corn and Butter Sauce
  25. Green Giant Just for One Niblets Corn and Butter Sauce (Eat the butter straight from the cow.)
  26. Green Giant Cauliflower and Cheese Sauce
  27. Green Giant Shoepeg White Corn and Butter Sauce
  28. Allen’s Steamable Peas in Butter
  29. Allen’s Steamable Cut Corn with Butter

B. These are soups with enzyme modified butter

  1. Campbell’s V8 Soup Garden Broccoli (There is a typo here on your site Good Guide.)
  2. Campbell’s Cheddar Cheese Condensed Soup
  3.  Campbell’s Chunky Read to Serve Chicken Broccoli Cheese Soup

C. These are other products with enzyme modified butter. Select category here to find more ingredients.

  1. Popcorners Butter Classic Flavor
  2. Safeway Crispy Mini Cakes Butter
  3. Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles, Cheese Sauce, Egg and Bacon
  4. Pillsbury Bacon and Veggies Egg Scrambles
  5. Pillsbury Toaster Scrambles, Cheese Sauce, Egg and Sausage
  6. Pillsbury Egg Scrambles Sausage and Veggies
  7. Pillsbury Egg Scrambles, Sausage
  8. Red Baron Chicken Carbonara Pan Pasta
  9. Wegmans Italian Classics Lasagna, Vegetable
  10. Green Giant Pasta, Broccoli and Alfredo Sauce
  11. Green Giant Valley Fresh Steamers Roasted Red Potatoes Butter Sauce Vegetable
  12. Michelina’s Traditional Recipes Apple Pie Mega Snackers
  13. Michelina’s Lean Gourmet Chicken Pot Pie Snackers
  14. Green Giant Complete Skillet Meal Pasta Primavera
  15. Green Giant Complete Skillet Meal Chicken Alfredo
  16. Green Giant Complete Skillet Meal Creamy Chicken and Parmesan Sauce
  17. Betty Crocker, Hamburger Helper, Cheesy Lasagna (I ate so much of this right before they saw my lesions on an MRI. This and the Green Giant frozen vegetables. I was trying to eat some vegetables…because they are good for you.)
  18. Nissan Souper Meal Shrimp
  19. Johnsonville Pork and Chicken Maple Breakfast

D. These are foods with enzyme modified butterfat.

  1. Lean Cuisine Lemon Pepper Fish
  2. Stouffer’s Farm Harvest Fettuccine Alfredo Whole Grain Chicken
  3. Lean Cuisine Roasted Turkey and Vegetables
  4. Lean Cuisine Chicken Marsala
  5. Lean Cuisine Lemon Garlic Shrimp
  6. Stouffer’s Farmer’s Harvest Macaroni and Cheese
  7. Lean Cuisine Meatloaf and Whipped Potatoes
  8. Lean Cuisine Stuffed Cabbage with Whipped Potatoes
  9. Snyder’s of Hanover Butter Sesame Sticks
  10. Snyder’s of Hanover Butter Pretzel Snaps
  11. Tim’s Chips cheddar and Sour Cream Potato Chips
  12. Tim’s Chips Cheddar and Sour Cream Potato Chips
  13. Boca Cheeseburger Patty (Also has enzyme modifed cream which has increased lysolecithin also.)
  14. Ore Ida Ultimate Baked Potatoes, Cheddar Cheese
  15. Lean Cuisine Market Creations Chicken Alfredo
  16. Lean Cuisine Market Creations Shrimp Scampi

Take a look at all these ‘enzyme modified’ products.  I have my hand on my face in awe.  I don’t even know if yeast contains lecithin or clams or maltodextrin or lobster extract or non fat milk… I know the eggs and the milk products like butter, butter oil, butterfat, cheddar cheese, cream, heavy cream, milk fat, cheese, and cheddar cheese milk do have lecithin.  Oh my.  I cannot type everything in here.  But will go in and check these for you products?  If you have any memory loss, please bring someone to help you.  I don’t think soy protein has any lecithin; it’s a protein where almost all fat -1% or so has been taken out.  There are a lot of “Back to Nature” products in the ‘enzyme modified butteroil’ section.  Look at your labels and check them against these ingredient lists to verify for accuracy then throw the products away :) .

I hope this helps someone.  I hope someone identifies some foods that they eat and can stop relapses.  

Praise the Lord, he is worthy and just.  We praise you Lord. May your name be lifted high.

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Products with Lysolecithin

God would you, as our risen savior, reveal to those who suffer from degenerative diseases and neuropathy if these products are causing their suffering?  Thank you.  Please lead me to the products that will help those you bring to this page.  Hallelujah, let us glorify you Lord.

Go ahead and click the video; it’s perfect music for reading this.  You get to worship and read.

These products have lysolecithin.  If you use these products, please throw them away for your health.  If you have multiple sclerosis or a neurodegenrative disease and use these products, well, bingo, you found a cause of it.  Finally, if you manufacture or sell these products please change the formula to no longer use lysolecithin.  Some of these use hydrogenated lysolecithin which I have not fully looked into.  I know hydrolyzed lysolecithin is used in chemical warfare but that may be something to look into for hydrogenated also.

  1. Babytime!  Massage Serum – Dear God, protect these babies.
  2. Intellishade® Broad-Spectrum SPF 45
  3. PatandRub ecoAmpoule (several products here) 
  4. Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser
  5. Lumines Silk
  6. CNK  Christine Niklas (about 13 products here)
  7. Channoine Naturally Exclusive Teint Perfection Prodigy Serum
  8. Sulwhasoo Balancing Emulsion
  9. Here are 17 pages of cosmetics at Cosmetic Analysis – Lavera, Anne Marie Borlind, Alverde, Naturkosmetik, Lilliputz Rossman, Dr. Haushcka, Weleda, Alviana, Terra Natura, Nature Friends Body Lotion, Ringana Tonungsfluid, Maria Rose Shampoo, Mydailysoapopera, Barbel Drexel Edelstein,  (People who use Lavera or Dr. Hauchka’s have to be slightly crippled – lysolecithin is in every product, it seems.)
  10. MRM Quercetin and MRM Tribuplex
  11. Olympian Labs Inc. – Krill Oil (It’ll krill ya.)
  12. Prescribed Choice – Krill Oil
  13. Nature’s Best L Glutamine
  14. Josie Maran Illuminizing Whipped Argan Body Butter from QVC
  15. It Cosmetics No Tug Eye Liner – Optic Neuritis anyone?
  16. ZMD Acne Retinol Gel
  17. Morihata Binchotan Charcoal Cleansing Mask

Just found out here (this information is from 2009) that “Aqueous Extraction Processing” and “Enzymatic Water Degumming” of oils hydrolyzes the lecithin thus increasing the lysolecithin in these oils. Nice.  So, expellar pressed, not aqueous extracted… More on enzymatic degumming in food from 2013 here.  Here’s some information on lysozyme as a antimicrobial and more on lysozyme; I need to look into this some more.

So, I love this.  Well, really look at the conclusion.  Right.  I imagine that the emulsion with lysolecithin is going to wreak havoc on the free fatty acids. “carotene enriched nanoemulsions (d< 150 nm) were formed using sucrose monoester and lysolecithin as emulsifiers, and corn oil (digestible) and/or lemon oil (indigestible) as oils. The influence of carrier oil composition and location on lipid digestion and ??carotene bioaccessibility was examined by mixing digestible and indigestible oils before homogenization (?oil mixture?), or by preparing digestible and indigestible nanoemulsions separately and then mixing them together (?emulsion mixture?). Lipase induced free fatty acid (FFA) production in the small intestine was more dependent on oil composition than on oil location.”  I need to look into Carotene and its link with lyslecithin.  And by the way, why all this attention to lysoPC?  There is a lot of stuff going on in lipid industry; why always the interest in lysoPC and increasing it??? You can find my reasons for ranting by searching baby formula, DHA, Death by Food, and Lysolecithin Connection.

What’s the link with quercetin and lysolecithin?  It looks like they are bound up together somehow.

Are they just trying to kill us?  I just found this new patent for antibiotics and lysoPC. They say lysoPC enhances immunity of bacterial infections – duh, no, gasp.   Look at the liver, look at the CNS, look at the eyes, but do not just show us some spleen information and tell us it’s okay to take LPC – with an antibiotic.  The spleen and thymus come before the liver in digestion, don’t they?  They certainly come before the intestines which is the natural setting for small quantities of LPC.  Why did the researchers use these variables at the exception of others?  Is this another case of not doing their homework or is it an angle they could take about immune system boosting so that they could give people LPC which actually will hurt them?  Why is this happening?  Why is LPC in all those products up there?  Could someone do a documentary on this?  Just go into some people’s homes who suffer from multiple sclerosis and read their labels on the food and products and video it and follow some children drinking DHA in baby formula or Pediasure and study some new moms who take prenatal vitamin vitamins with DHA and people who use an enzymatic cleanser on their contacts and well there are tons ideas in this blog.  Do your documentary on this and blow this information open.  It’s based on fact, not theory.  Nobody knows what causes multiple sclerosis…well, the answer is here. Praise the Lord.

Thanks Lord for a profitable time with you tonight.  I enjoy being led by you and learning a lot.  I appreciate your care for us.  Please help us to step carefully and eat healthy food and show us which products to use.  We need you.  Please will you help us?  Thank you for saving our souls.  You loved us so much you died for our sins on the cross suffering anguish and hell in our place. Thank you.  You are mighty.  There’s nothing my God cannot do that is good.  You are love.  We worship you.  You raised Jesus from the grave and demonstrated your great power as you reign in majesty. Hallelujah!

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An Idea to End World Hunger

Jesus, I praise you for your unending care and loving ways.  You are to be praised and you are worthy.  I love you and pray for help easing suffering.  Will you grow this idea to help others?  Will you use this to help people?  Will you  grant great grace and favor to those who implement this program and guide people into a loving relationship with you – to know that you suffered on the cross for their sins and God lifted you up and set you on high at his right hand as a living breathing savior? Thank you Jesus. I love you.

Ending world hunger seems to be a daunting task, with political influences and lack of education and materials barring the door to food access.  This is a simple five-food program based on the wordless book.  There are five colors in the book – black (for our sin), red (for Jesus’ blood shed for sin), white (for Jesus’ righteousness / perfectness given to us through his resurrection in place of our sin by the blood), green (for our spiritual growth relying on Jesus’ perfectness), and yellow (for the heavenly streets of gold which we access through faith in Jesus).  

Wordless Book

 Picture from: 

So, I think if you dig five rows next to each other and make each row deeper than the next, you could plant these five crops from shallow to deep: black beans, red tomatoes, white rice, green kale, and yellow corn. A farmer would have to tell you which goes in deep soil and which on top.  Anyway, these are all seed bearing plants, and each harvest you’d have to save some of the seeds, some to give and some to grow.  So, it’s sustainable.  A piece of tin tilted on a stick may be needed to catch dew and water it, cover it, or be used as a place to dehydrate the food. Giving a little pure salt would finish this out.  Nutritionally, these foods are spectacular, and think of all the different meals you could make with these.  Finally, the foods could be used to teach the gospel, obviously!  

May this bring you glory Jesus.  We love you and each other and pray for your name to be glorified and praised!  Thank you for your indescribable gift of Jesus dying for our sins, raising from the dead, giving us new life and hope and a reality of life forever in heaven with you.  That’s good news! 

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You’ve Got Makeup… In Your Lungs

So this lady does wonderful justice to investigating mica and titanium dioxide, found in make up – I found her information about silicate minerals very interesting! You’ve Got Makeup… In Your Lungs.

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These Cause Autoimmune Diseases

Jesus will you help people get it?  Christ you died for our sins and give us new hope in eternal life.  You are alive and can heal us.  Will you do so today? Thank you.

People don’t seem to understand my blog and what I’ve written.  So, here’s an attempt to put it in plain English.  Forgive me if you prefer looking at the research. All these things are in the rest of the blog.

  • If you have lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, scleroderma, or Sjogren’s syndrome, then you need to stop using and eating plastics.  Sand is silica and silica is plastic.  Plastics are used in our foods and many lotions and make up we put on ourselves and in our medicines.  Silicas / plastics are causing your disease.  Read steps to take to here.
  • If you have multiple sclerosis, ALS, Lou Gehrig’s, lesions, cirrhosis, sciatica, neuropathy, pyloric stenosis, or brain and spine problem, then you need to stop using anything with “lysolecithin” increased in it. “Lysolecithins” are used in our foods and many lotions and make up we put on ourselves and in our medicines.  “Lysolecithins” are causing your disease.  There are more specific lists in this blog that have some of the foods we eat and the products we use that you must avoid because these have “lysolecithin.” These are the things to avoid:
  1. Food ingredients: enzyme modified (food lists are here), modified, lipolyzed, fermented tofu,
  2. Vaccines
  3. Smoking marijuana
  4. Drinking a lot of alcohol
  5. DHA – Omega 3 – fish oil pills including infant formula and children’s shakes
  6. Enzyme eye contact cleaners – contact solutions
  7. Vegetable oils
  8. Digestive enzymes
  9. Anesthesia?
  10. Some medicines including Pancrelipase and Methylprednisolone – Epikuron
  11. Weight training – weight lifting shakes
  12. Fast foods
  13. Chemical warfare
  14. Smoking cigarettes
  • There are few diseases I think are a mix of plastic and “lysolecithin.”  These diseases are macular degeneration and spina bifida.

Lord will you reveal yourself to your people?  Remind us of the love you showed on the cross.  Remind us of the eternal glory we have in you.  Remind us that we are yours because you purchased us and redeemed us from death and have given us new life through belief in your atoning sacrifice on our behalf and your resurrection from the dead.


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Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy

Jesus we need you every hour.  We especially need you when we are sick.  Will you draw us close to you and remind us that these momentary troubles and suffering are far outweighed by your glory?  You died for us by suffering an excruciating death, for sins you did not do, and God raised you from the dead. We are yours.  Do as you please. Will you have mercy on us and help us to live for you and not for ourselves? Will you grant us selflessness and Godliness with contentment?  We need you every hour.

Nausea and vomiting occur when a pregnant woman comes across or thinks of certain things.  These things usually have a strong smell or are raw or have chemicals in them or for some women, it may be just about everything.  It seems that most things that make a lady sick are things that she should stay away from to keep the baby safe – She shouldn’t be exposed to fake odors, raw foods, or products with chemicals or petroleum.  Most ladies get sick from the smell of cooking food; this may be because of the many chemicals in our foods.  However they crave many foods like oranges and salads. Sometimes their body is calling out for sugars as the baby grows and the lady feels like she needs another Dr. Pepper, but it would be far better to try picking up an orange; our body much prefers oranges.  I think the answer to minimize morning sickness and feel much less nausea is to go completely organic and using one-ingredient personal care items.

So here’s a personal care detox kit for you. You’d have to check and make sure all this is safe for pregnant women, but if so, you could do it or give it as a gift.

  1. Baking soda as deodorant (Dip your finger in water and then in the baking soda. Use for both arms.)
  2. Expellar pressed olive oil for shaving ‘cream’ and also as conditioner
  3. Expellar pressed coconut oil for moisturizer, lotion, and sunscreen
  4. Unscented three or less ingredients handmade soap
  5. Baking soda as shampoo
  6. Expellar pressed coconut oil, mint, and baking soda toothpaste – Are Stevia or Xylitol safe for pregnant women?
  7. Grate that soap above and mix with baking soda and vinegar to wash your clothes
  8. Use baking soda, lemons, and vinegar to clean your home

Hint: Use paper towels or cotton wash clothes with warm spring water as baby wipes.

Also, be sure to read my posts on DHA in prenatal vitamins, formula, and toddler shakes to learn more about the potential for lesions on the baby’s central nervous system.

Jesus will you watch over these sick ladies?  Will you bless the babies in their stomachs?  Will you give them peace and health and grace to know you from an early age? Please teach them and the mothers about your amazing grace to us in Jesus dying on the cross, suffering anguish, being crucified and being raised again.


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