You’ve Got Makeup… In Your Lungs

So this lady does wonderful justice to investigating mica and titanium dioxide, found in make up – I found her information about silicate minerals very interesting! You’ve Got Makeup… In Your Lungs.

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These Cause Autoimmune Diseases

Jesus will you help people get it?  Christ you died for our sins and give us new hope in eternal life.  You are alive and can heal us.  Will you do so today? Thank you.

People don’t seem to understand my blog and what I’ve written.  So, here’s an attempt to put it in plain English.  Forgive me if you prefer looking at the research. All these things are in the rest of the blog.

  • If you have lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, scoliosis, fibromyalgia, scleroderma, or Sjogren’s syndrome, then you need to stop using and eating plastics.  Sand is silica and silica is plastic.  Plastics are used in our foods and many lotions and make up we put on ourselves and in our medicines.  Silicas / plastics are causing your disease.  Read steps to take to here.
  • If you have multiple sclerosis, ALS, Lou Gehrig’s, lesions, cirrhosis, sciatica, neuropathy, pyloric stenosis, or brain and spine problem, then you need to stop using anything with “lysolecithin” increased in it. “Lysolecithins” are used in our foods and many lotions and make up we put on ourselves and in our medicines.  “Lysolecithins” are causing your disease.  There are more specific lists in this blog that have some of the foods we eat and the products we use that you must avoid because these have “lysolecithin.” These are the things to avoid:
  1. Food ingredients: enzyme modified (food lists are here), modified, lipolyzed, fermented tofu,
  2. Vaccines
  3. Smoking marijuana
  4. Drinking a lot of alcohol
  5. DHA – Omega 3 – fish oil pills including infant formula and children’s shakes
  6. Enzyme eye contact cleaners – contact solutions
  7. Vegetable oils
  8. Digestive enzymes
  9. Anesthesia?
  10. Some medicines including Pancrelipase and Methylprednisolone – Epikuron
  11. Weight training – weight lifting shakes
  12. Fast foods
  13. Chemical warfare
  14. Smoking cigarettes
  • There are few diseases I think are a mix of plastic and “lysolecithin.”  These diseases are macular degeneration and spina bifida.

Lord will you reveal yourself to your people?  Remind us of the love you showed on the cross.  Remind us of the eternal glory we have in you.  Remind us that we are yours because you purchased us and redeemed us from death and have given us new life through belief in your atoning sacrifice on our behalf and your resurrection from the dead.


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Nausea and Vomiting of Pregnancy

Jesus we need you every hour.  We especially need you when we are sick.  Will you draw us close to you and remind us that these momentary troubles and suffering are far outweighed by your glory?  You died for us by suffering an excruciating death, for sins you did not do, and God raised you from the dead. We are yours.  Do as you please. Will you have mercy on us and help us to live for you and not for ourselves? Will you grant us selflessness and Godliness with contentment?  We need you every hour.

Nausea and vomiting occur when a pregnant woman comes across or thinks of certain things.  These things usually have a strong smell or are raw or have chemicals in them or for some women, it may be just about everything.  It seems that most things that make a lady sick are things that she should stay away from to keep the baby safe – She shouldn’t be exposed to fake odors, raw foods, or products with chemicals or petroleum.  Most ladies get sick from the smell of cooking food; this may be because of the many chemicals in our foods.  However they crave many foods like oranges and salads. Sometimes their body is calling out for sugars as the baby grows and the lady feels like she needs another Dr. Pepper, but it would be far better to try picking up an orange; our body much prefers oranges.  I think the answer to minimize morning sickness and feel much less nausea is to go completely organic and using one-ingredient personal care items.

So here’s a personal care detox kit for you. You’d have to check and make sure all this is safe for pregnant women, but if so, you could do it or give it as a gift.

  1. Crystal deodorant
  2. Expellar pressed olive oil for shaving ‘cream’ and also as conditioner
  3. Expellar pressed coconut oil for moisturizer, lotion, and sunscreen
  4. Unscented three or less ingredients handmade soap
  5. Baking soda as shampoo
  6. Expellar pressed coconut oil, mint, and baking soda toothpaste – Are Stevia or Xylitol safe for pregnant women?
  7. Grate that soap above and mix with baking soda and vinegar to wash your clothes
  8. Use baking soda, lemons, and vinegar to clean your home

Hint: Use paper towels or cotton wash clothes with warm spring water as baby wipes.

Also, be sure to read my posts on DHA in prenatal vitamins, formula, and toddler shakes to learn more about the potential for lesions on the baby’s central nervous system.

Jesus will you watch over these sick ladies?  Will you bless the babys in their stomachs?  Will you give them peace and health and grace to know you from an early age? Please teach them and the mothers about your amazing grace to us in Jesus dying on the cross, suffering anguish, being crucified and being raised again.


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App Thoughts and Tee Shirt

Thank you Jesus for dying for my sins on the cross and being raised from the dead.

I like these ideas God helped me think of while just sitting around thinking.  I think a couple of apps for a smart phone with built in ability or gadget add on (welcome back the 90s) would be in demand for a lot of people.  The smart phone may be going to the watch format, but I think it’ll sell well when they call it a bracelet.  Bracelets come in and out of style every few years and are an instant fad that goes crazy.

  • First app and add on is an ultrasound app.  Look at baby anytime.  See if the bone’s broken.
  • The second app and add on is one that looks in a child’s ears and gives a matching chart for ear infections.
  • Another app could be an eye prescription app where you set your own prescription by looking at images.

On another note, a t shirt should be made for toddlers that says, “Ask me if I need to go tee tee.” On the back you could put a time chart reminding people how often to ask.

All of these are probably out there somewhere.
Thanks Jesus for training us in godliness and contentment.  You are the way.

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DNA, Obesity, and Phosphates

Lord will you help me write what will guide us into all truth and follow you?  Thank you for suffering on the cross for me.  Thank you for taking my sin upon yourself. Thank you for living now in heaven. It is incredible to think that Lord of all creation, who created me, died on earth and suffered hell for me.  Thank you!  Trusting Jesus is all that matters.  It’s amazing to know you Lord Jesus. After three days dead in the tomb, your spirit reunited with your body and you will never die again.  You are incredible!

My thoughts lately have been on DNA and rDNA.  I started thinking about causes of diseases with silica and lysolecithin and have another thought that has already been researched.  I got this idea to cut out all enriched foods when I went on this natural food eating habit. But the main reason initially was iron, and then I realized that phosphates were in everything.  I thought that non-naturally occurring phosphates couldn’t be good for me, especially since phosphate is a part of lysophosphatidylcholine.  You know what? Phosphates also form the building block for DNA. So, do these enriched foods harm us?  Yes, we know that inflammation occurs because of added phosphates. The question is do these phosphates cause obesity?

People who don’t do anything ‘wrong’ in their diet or lifestyle are obese.  They live and eat food with the underlying assumption that it is safe to eat or that ‘everything causes cancer.’ But there’s more to it than that. It’s almost as if these people just eating food like everyone and living are eating food that [naturally] would be fine and not make them gain weight.  Then these foods, like a cracker or orange juice or whatever’s enriched, cause serious health problems. The added iron and phosphates need to be analyzed for their effects on the human body.

Also, coconut oil is really a fantastic sunscreen.

Thank you, for all you’ve given Jesus – salvation, purity before a holy God, imputed righteousness, belief, and hope in your resurrection.  We love you!

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Ideas for Homemade Makeup to Glorify God

Jesus will you give us wisdom as we live for you?  Will you guide your saints here and help them find healing?  Would you give us your wisdom to believe you died for our sins, we are forgiven through Christ’s atoning death, and confess that God raised you from the dead and that you live now in heaven.  We wait for you to come back and get us.  May our words and thoughts be acceptable to you.

So, here’s an idea that I think would make a difference.  It’s called Detox Makeup, and  it goes like this. Detox Makeup:

If you look at the science journals and biochemistry of food textbook, you can see that some ingredients in processed foods do cause central nervous system (CNS) lesions. For example, “enzyme modified cheese” has high levels of unnaturally occurring lysolecithin which is used in science experiments to form lesions on the CNS. The enzymes added to the cheese increase the lysolecithin levels to a high amount. Enzyme modified foods are the cause of multiple sclerosis and other neurodegenerative diseases and low muscle tone and neuropathy. Lysolecithin is unnaturally in Dunkin Donuts, Lean Cuisine, Marie Callender’s, Spaghetti Os, Ravioli, and many other seemingly nutritious foods like brown bread, tofu, and DHA baby formula. I don’t eat these foods; I throw them away. Why should I give someone else food that will paralyze them? If it takes a detox to remove these foods and help the body naturally heal from their harmful effects, then detox is part of the healing process.

Why stop with the food? Your makeup also has toxins. Go look at the label now; I’ll wait. See? Without looking at the label, tell me what’s in the makeup? Even if you’re using some of the best products out there, you’re likely adding a ton of toxins. You think your makeup’s totally pure? Read the label looking for lysolecithin, silica, andvitamin E? These are known to cause autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis, ALS, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and fibromyalgia.

So here’s your Detox Makeup; it’s made out of foods, and I tried my best to source non-GMO, organic foods that do no harm applied topically. I also avoided mica and mineral makeup additives. I am selling them to help you heal from the detrimental effects of toxins in even the best cosmetics. So, here’s to your health – Detox Makeup. I hope you make this a way of life and heal from your diseases; it is possible. God’s blessings be yours!

Cornerstone Foundation: cocoa, cinnamon, turmeric, corn starch

Redeemer Mascara: juice from squeezed blackberries, beeswax, Enjoy Life chocolate chips

Eyeliner: juice from squeezed blackberries, cocoa

Lord Help Me Blush: juice from beets, juice from carrots

Gloreye or Reyeteous Eyeshadow: variations of foundation using natural food coloring with corn starch

The Voice of the Lord Lipstick: juice from beets, juice from carrots, cocoa, castor oil, medical grade lanolin

(These ingredients need to be researched for safety with repeated use.)

Lord, will you help someone pick this up and produce clean makeup for us?  Will you anoint someone with wisdom to create healthy things for your glory?  We love you Lord!  Amen.



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Will you pray for a Silvanus, a helper?

Thank you Jesus for all you do.  Thank you for giving me great healthy times to have fruitful relationships and know you.  You are marvelous.  Marvelous are thy works.  

I am ready for this blog to blow up.  It’s about time for the right person to come along and say, “Wait a moment – this is what’s causing neurodegeneration, neuropathy, sciatica, muscle degeneration… I know what to do with this information. I can help a lot of people get well. Amazing God!”  

So, Lord will you send the right person here?  Will you please free your people from this pain and help us to come out of this fog and worship you?  Will you remind us of the gospel that we believe – that you died for our sins on the cross, rose from the grave, that you extended us grace, and pray for us from heaven.  Lord we worship you, hallelujah.  Will you go out before us and fight for us and protect us and cause many to glorify your name?  Thank you Jesus.

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