Study on Cimetidine and Multiple Sclerosis

Jesus glorify your name.  Show the world your glory in your death and resurrection and glorification.  We love you Jesus.  May your name be praised.

I want to see the follow up studies from this So this is where I think this study erred – “may reduce MS symptoms” - the follow up should focus on prevention and not symptoms.

The hydroxyzine needs to get to the intestines.  I think an oral suspension with time released hydroxyzine would quickly get into the intestines.

Also, I wonder if the person who came up with the study above made the lysolecithin connection or just realized that histamines are on a similar scale.

Knowing that lysolecithin is causing the problem means that you can try to keep the body from responding in a bad way and form scars on the CNS with cimetidine.

So here’s a follow up that shows 50% inhibition of EAE – The article from 2000 says, “Experimental allergic encephalomyelitis (EAE) has been used as an animal model for the human demyelinating disease multiple sclerosis (MS).”  Why isn’t this being done?

Jesus please glorify your name in our eyes.  You are amazing. Thank you for forgiving my sins. Amen.

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Could Cimetidine Cure Sclerosis or Keep Sclerosis from Occurring?

Dear Lord Jesus.  Would you show us if cimetidine will cure or inhibit sclerosis form occurring?  According to this research, cimetidine does protect against the effects of lysolecithin.  Thank you Jesus! “Pretreatment with cimetidine also protected against the ulcerogenic effects of intragastrically administered bile or lysolecithin.”  That seems too simple to be the answer, but Sir James Black was a Baptist and maybe God gave him more than just a heartburn remedy.  Anyone up to showing me research already done on this or doing some?

Jesus, “You lived, you died, you said in three days you would rise. You did! You’re alive!”

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Isoflavones and Soy

So is this the link between skin problems and MS?  NO time now to trace out isoflavones and soy…

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Flu Vaccine and Sclerosis

Lord will you guide us into all truth?

Does this mean that in July 2014 Chinese researchers made a flu vaccine with lysolecithin? I believe I’ll pass on that flu vaccine this year.  How bout you?

Lord, would you continue to keep us safe from harm?  You have chosen to live with us; we need you.  Please remind us of your truth – You died for sins and you rose from the dead.  We love you Lord.

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This is the Cause of Sclerosis! Listen and believe!

Click this link to hear Billy Graham.  He preaches about Jesus dying for sins on the cross and how God raised Jesus from the dead. So mostly about this lyoPC and sclerosis thing, I just feel like the girlfriend or the dad on the Truman Show.  You are Truman.  You know that your own body isn’t attacking itself.  This is a simple chemical equation known about since the 1800′s.  Lecithin plus something that breaks it down, equals lysolecithin /lysophosphatidycholine (lysoPC) which cause sclerosis.  Look at the massive food lists and products lists on this blog.  How could you not get sclerosis if you are using these things???  How could you not stop having sclerosis if you stop using them?  Break out of the false world like Truman did.  Change your food choices and stop using these products! Your life is at stake.  Is not being paralyzed worth setting a Little Debbie or Beefaroni down?  You can be healed.  Try it. Stop using products with abnormally high levels of lysoPC!

I don’t hear anyone else saying this.  I don’t hear anyone else talking about enzyme modified cheese, hydrolyzed lecithin, or interesterification causing lesions on the central nervous system.  I watched four jillion people dump ice on themselves and make a donation to a money maker and wanted anyone to look at these products. The cause of sclerosis is not a mystery.  Please pray that someone who can do something about it will.  Please pray that the children’s foods, especially in the school food will be first to go clean.  Lord, please open people’s minds to understand this.  Please give them wisdom and lead the right people here.  Lord will you please have mercy on us?

On another note, neuropathy is a symptom of sclerosis. Not all sclerosis shows up.

Trust Jesus died for you.  He died on the cross.  He will save those who trust in him. He is alive right now.

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Infantile Neuroaxonal Dystrophy, Schindler Disease, PLA2 and Reversal and Healing and Changing Food

Lord, would you guide me what to say about these ‘genetic’ diseases?  Please remind us of your loving ways and your death for our sins on the cross and that you arose victorious over the grave.  Thank you Lord.  Amen.

Let’s talk about this genetic disorder in light of the rest of the blog – Infantile neuroaxonal dystrophy.  Somehow (though the child doesn’t show any symptom at birth) the baby develops nervous system impairment at  6 – 18 months. Most babies begin real food about six months.  Hold out your left hand and think “introducing food;”  hold out your right hand and think “affects nervous system.” Food connection – not genetic disorder.  Look at this written in the website linked above – “Mutations in the PLA2G6 gene have been identified in most individuals with infantile neuroaxonal dystrophy. The PLA2G6 gene provides instructions for making a type of enzyme called an A2 phospholipase.”  Oh yeah, that’s what I am talking about. PLA2!!!!!  For real though. Search my blog for PLA2 – read it and praise God with joy because your baby can experience healing.  Change the food your baby eats.

According to the website, these are other names by which this disorder goes:

  • INAD
  • NBIA, PLA2G6-related
  • neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation, PLA2G6-related
  • Seitelberger disease
  • Seitelberger’s disease

Let’s look at another simlar disease: Schindler disease -  Healthy at first and by age eight months they stop developing new skills. There’s a genetic test for this so people abort babies.  Don’t abort – change your diet and stop eating what you are eating.  Whether the baby’s unborn or born – Give it some time!  Don’t feed the baby all this toxic processed food that totally messes up the phospholipids in its body.  You know what?  This crap can be reversed!!! Stop what you are doing and start doing something different.  It takes time, but the child’s body can fight back with good nutrition.  Ask the Lord to show you how.  You can overcome these ‘genetic disorders’ with his help.   Search my blog using the term “grass fed” to access a clean food list to get started eating right.

These are other names for this disease at this website:

  • alpha-galactosidase B deficiency
  • alpha-galNAc deficiency, Schindler type
  • alpha-N-acetylgalactosaminidase deficiency
  • alpha-NAGA deficiency
  • angiokeratoma corporis diffusum-glycopeptiduria
  • GALB deficiency
  • Kanzaki disease
  • lysosomal glycoaminoacid storage disease-angiokeratoma corporis diffusum
  • NAGA deficiency
  • neuroaxonal dystrophy, Schindler type
  • neuronal axonal dystrophy, Schindler type

Search my blog for “lysoPC” to learn about how it’s in our processed foods and products and causes nervous system problems. Keep in mind that this is a metabolic disorder and that lysoPC is a metabolite.  Just saying.

So here’s a website explaining why you’d want to use enzyme-modified eggs (which we know increases your lysoPC intake and could cause central nervous system damage).

Phospholipase is an ingredient!  Here’s the website -look at the Features and Benefits chart.  Are you willing to trade out health for cost savings and a more appealing appearance and the much sought after ‘cleaner label?’

Here are products with phospholipase:

  1. Great Value Loaded Baked Potato Flavored Dip
  2. Great Value Guacamole Dip
  3. Wegmans Italian Classics Pasta Sauce, Alfredo
  4.  Kraft Mayonnaise Type Dressing (32 oz)
  5. President’s Choice Blue Menu Alfredo Pasta Sauce (410 ml)
  6. Prego Alfredo Sauce Flavored with Savory Bacon (14.5 oz)
  7. Wegmans Italian Classics Alfredo Pasta Sauce (15 oz)
  8. Prego Homestyle Alfredo Sauce (14.5 oz)
  9. Prego Artisan Three Cheese Alfredo Sauce (14.5 oz)
  10. Prego Alfredo Sauce Flavored with Savory Bacon (14.5 oz)

Not all phospholipase lyses lecithin to form lysolecithin, but how do you know which phospholipase is used? You have to throw the baby out with the bathwater.  Read the other foods to avoid in the rest of the blog.

God, will you open the eyes of our hearts Lord?  Help us to see you high and lifted up shining in the light of your glory.  Please look down on these children and give them freedom in Christ by knowing he died for their sins and rose from death defeating the grave with amazing grace.  Oh Lord please have mercy.

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Flour Tortillas and Increased LysoPC and Lesions and Interesterification Food Lists

I’m over here mumbling something about decreased HDL and diabetes being caused by lysoPC. Read this article from 2008:

So here’s a little foul but highly interesting blog post about interesterification . A big thank you goes out to my fellow blogger!  Flour tortillas?  Let’s look. This blogger says, “The US Food and Drug Administration has approved the use of the term “interesterified soybean oil” on product labels of Archer Daniels Midland Co.’s (ADM) products containing Novalipids™ oils and shortenings, according to INFORM report. After requesting clarification from the FDA regarding the appropriate labeling description of enzymatically interesterified oils and shortening, ADM was advised that interesterified fats containing a stearate content of greater than 20% may be properly labeled as “interesterified soybean oil,” with the possible additional descriptor of “high in stearic acid” or “stearate rich.” Sho nuf. Here are tortillas by Mission - Nice guys!  Way to poison us!  Freakin grumbling about people I know suffering with paralysis.

Here are my two cents.  So, they now call it neuropathy because when you say “neuropathy” people hear you say “blahBLAHblahblah.”  What they don’t hear you saying is “paralysis.”  Because if you say paralysis, what people hear is

“PARALYSIS! PA RA LY SIS!!! Paralysis. Paralysis. Paralysis.”

Foods to avoid because they have interesterified oils that could use enzymes and cause you to have paralysis:

  1. Marie Callender’s Chicken Pot Pie
  2. Mission Flour Gorditas 8 Ct Tortillas - Mission tortillas used in Seminole County Schools Florida
  3. Pepperidge Farm Distinctive Tahiti Coconut Cookies
  4. Taco Bell Flour Tortillas
  5. Burger King Wheat Tortilla
  6. Chik fil A Chicken breakfast burrito tortilla
  7. McDonalds tortilla
  8. Del Taco tortilla
  9. Hardees tortillas and croissants
  10. Sodexo tortilla shells – Monticello Schools
  11. BeneFIT breakfast bars at Loudoun County Schools in Virginia
  12. Hannaver Woven Wheats and Reduced Fat
  13. Mission Carb Balance Small Fajita Whole Wheat Tortillas
  14. Hannaford Saltines
  15. Hannaford Unsalted Crackers
  16. Hannaford Honey Graham Crackers - Kiddie food alert!
  17. Hannaford Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies
  18. Hannaford Chewy Molasses Cookies
  19. Hannaford Raspberry Filled Cookies
  20. Hannaford Rich & Crisp Crackers
  21. Hannaford Italian Wrap
  22. Safeway Fat Free Saltine Crackers – 15 Oz
  23. Hannaford Chewy Oatmeal and Oatmeal Raisin Cookies
  24. Hannaford Fat Free Saltine Crackers
  25. Mission Carb Balance Medium and Large Soft Taco Flour Tortillas
  26. Hannaford Dutch Chocolate Cookies
  27. Ortega Whole Grain & Whole Wheat Hard & Soft Taco Kit
  28. Jimmy Dean Delights Turkey Sausage Quesadilla
  29. Bridgford Bavarian Dark Mini-Loaf
  30. Ortega Whole Wheat Tortillas
  31. Ortega Flour Tortillas
  32. Marie Callender’s Pot Pies Creamy Parmesan Chicken – 16.5 Oz
  33. Marie Callender’s Frozen Food Pot Pie Chicken – 16.5 Oz
  34. Marie Callender’s Frozen Food Pot Pie Chicken 4 Piece – 40 Oz
  35. Marie Callender’s Honey Roasted Chicken Pot Pie
  36. Guerrero Tortillas De Harina Integral, Soft Taco
  37. Mission 96% Fat Free Small Fajita Tortillas
  38. Ortega Whole Grain & Whole Wheat Hard & Soft Taco Kit
  39. Guerrero Riquisima Whole Wheat Flour – 16 Oz
  40. Chef Pierre 9 Inch Vegetable Shortening (Deep Dish) Unbaked Pie Shell
  41. Jimmy Dean Jimmy D’s French Toast Griddlers
  42. Mission 96% Fat Free Medium Soft Taco Whole Wheat Tortillas
  43. Chef Pierre 10 Inch Vegetable Shortening Unbaked Pie Shell
  44. Mission Ancient Grains Artisan Style Tortillas
  45. Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage and French Toast Griddler 4CT – 14.4 Oz
  46. Mission Multigrain Artisan Style Tortillas
  47. Mission Medium/Soft Taco Whole Wheat Tortillas
  48. Sara Lee Double Chocolate Sheet Cake
  49. Guerrero Tortillas De Harina Caseras, Fajita
  50. Mission 96% Fat Free Large Burrito Tortillas
  51. Mission Multi-Grain Small Fajita Flour Tortillas
  52. Mission Flaxseed & Blue Corn Blend Artisan Style Tortillas
  53. Jimmy Dean Sausage Quesadilla
  54. Mission Corn & Whole Wheat Blend Artisan Style Tortillas
  55. Mission Multi-Grain Medium Soft Taco Flour Tortillas
  56. Mission Multi-Grain Wraps
  57. Guerrero Tortillas De Harina, Fajita
  58. Guerrero Tortillas De Harina, Soft Taco 8 Inch, 24 Count
  59. Bridgford Honey Wheat Mini Loaf
  60. Guerrero Tortillas De Harina, Soft Taco 8 Inch, 10 Count
  61. Bridgford Honey Whole Wheat Biscuits, 2 Inch Round, Layer Pack
  62. Guerrero Tortillas De Harina, Soft Taco 8 Inch, 16 Count
  63. Mission Homestyle Flour Tortillas
  64. Mission Sundried Tomato Basil Wraps
  65. Guerrero Flour Gordita Tortilla 10 Ct – 20.83 Oz
  66. Mission Zesty Garlic Herb Wraps
  67. Bridgford White Bakery Yeast Rolls Layer Pack, 1.25 Oz
  68. Guerrero Tortillas De Harina Fresquiricas, Fajita
  69. Guerrero Tortillas De Harina, Burrito 10 Inch, 8 Count
  70. Guerrero Tortillas De Harina Caseras, Soft Taco
  71. Mission Estilo Casero Tortillas
  72. Mission Original Wraps
  73. Mission Small Fajita Flour Tortillas
  74. Mission Garden Spinach Herb Wraps
  75. Mission Large Burrito Flour Tortillas
  76. Mission Medium/Soft Taco Flour Tortillas
  77. Bridgford Honey Whole Wheat Biscuits Sliced 3 Inch Round, Layer Pack
  78. Bridgford White Whole Wheat Cinnamon Roll Dough
  79. Bridgford 8 Inch White Breadsticks Dough Layer Pack
  80. Bridgford White Bakery Yeast Rolls Layer Pack, 1.5 Oz
  81. Bridgford White Breadsticks Dough Layer Pack, 1.5 Oz
  82. Bridgford Sweet Yeast Steak House Rolls Layer Pack, 1.25 Oz
  83. Bridgford Honey Whole Wheat Buttermilk Biscuits, 2 Inch Square, Layer Pack
  84. Guerrero Tortillas De Harina, Burrito 12 Inch 8 Count
  85. Bridgford Homestyle Sweet Yeast Rolls
  86. Good Sense Snack Mixes Chocolate Cookie Crunch
  87. Guerrero Tortillas De Harina Fresquiricas, Soft Taco
  88. Bridgford Pre-Formed Ready Dough Sheets White Layer Pack
  89. Bridgford White Bakery Yeast Rolls Layer Pack, 2 Oz
  90. Bridgford White Breadsticks Dough Layer Pack, 1 Oz
  91. ShopRite Animal Crackers – 13 Oz
  92. Bridgford Sweet Yeast Steak House Rolls Layer Pack, 1.5 Oz
  93. Oberweis Dairy Cinnamon Pecan Coffee Cake
  94. Bridgford Garlic Parmesan Monkey Bread
  95. Bridgford Sweet Yeast Steak House Rolls Layer Pack, 2 Oz
  96. Bridgford Cinnamon Roll Dough Logs Tray Pack
  97. Bridgford Pre-Cut Cinnamon Rolls Layer Pack, 2OZ
  98. Bridgford Gourmet Cheese Rolls
  99. Bridgford Honey Whole Wheat Biscuits, 3 Inch Round, Layer Pack
  100. Bridgford Pre-Cut Petite Cinnamon Rolls Layer Pack
  101. Bridgford Gourmet Cinnamon Roll Dough, 2 Oz
  102. Bridgford White Whole Wheat Cheesy Garlic Breadsticks Dough
  103. Bridgford White Rolls Dough with Fiber Layer Pack
  104. Bridgford Sweet Yeast Steak House Rolls Layer Pack, 2.4 Oz
  105. Bridgford Sweet Yeast Steak House Rolls Layer Pack, 3 Oz
  106. Bridgford Garlic Parmesan Monkey Bread
  107. Bridgford Cheesy Garlic Breadsticks Dough
  108. Bridgford Cinnamon Monkey Bites
  109. Bridgford Cinnamon Monkey Bread
  110. Little Debbie Cream Pie Oatmeal – 16.2 Oz
  111. Bridgford Gourmet Cinnamon Roll Dough, 5 Oz
  112. Bridgeford Cinnamon Monkey Bread – 16 Oz
  113. Bridgford Pre-Cut Jumbo Cinnamon Rolls Layer Pack
  114. Little Debbie Cakes Vanilla Snack – 13 Oz
  115. Wegmans Crackers, Baked, Whole Wheat. Reduced Fat
  116. Bridgford Cinnamon Monkey Bites, Vending Pack with Icing
  117. Bridgford Cinnamon Monkey Bites, Display Bag
  118. Bridgford Cinnamon Monkey Bites, Bulk Pack
  119. Wegmans Crackers, Baked, Whole Wheat
  120. Safeway Reduced Fat Woven Wheat Cracker – 8.5 Oz
  121. Wegmans Crackers, Baked, Whole Wheat. Reduced Fat
  122. Safeway Woven Wheat Crackers – 9.5 Oz
  123. Good Sense Snack Mixes It’s S’more!
  124. Safeway Chocolate Graham Crackers – 14.4 Oz
  125. Safeway Cinnamon Graham Crackers – 14.4 Oz
  126. Safeway Vanilla Wafer Cookie – 12 Oz
  127. Wegmans Saltines, Original
  128. Wegmans Saltines, Fat Free
  129. Safeway Honey Graham Crackers – 14.4 Oz
  130. Wegmans Crackers, Oyster
  131. Wegmans Saltines, Unsalted Tops
  132. Wegmans Cookies, Soft, Raspberry Filled
  133. Wegmans Cookies, Soft, Molasses
  134. Wegmans Cookies, Soft, Sugar
  135. Wegmans Cookies, Soft, Oatmeal
  136. Wegmans Cookies, Soft, Dutch Cocoa
  137. Wegmans Cookies, Soft, Oatmeal Raisin
  138. Wegmans Cookies, Soft, Chocolate Chip
  139. Wegmans Cookies, Soft, Peanut Butter
  140. Wegmans Crackers, Cinnamon Graham
  141. Wegmans Oyster Crackers So there are some brands and if you click here you can access these brands and products that have interesterified oils.
  142. This is the list that keeps on giving.  Here’s some interesterified oil from the Food Facts website. Little Debbie Nutty Snack Bars – 12 Pack (25.2 oz.)
  143. Pepperidge Farm Dark Chocolate Chunk Mini Nantucket Crispy Cookies (2.75 oz)
  144. Cole’s Garlic Big Texan Texas Toast (17.5 oz)
  145. Little Debbie Christmas Spice Cookie Wreaths Cookies (5.2 oz.)
  146. Micasa Fajita Style Tortillas (10 oz)
  147. Lieber’s Unsalted Tops Snackers (12 oz)
  148. Lieber’s Snackers (12 oz)
  149. Sandwich-Mate Monterey Jack Singles Cheese (10.67 oz)
  150. El Milagro Burritos Flour Tortillas (30 oz)
  151. ShopRite Animal Cookies (2.12 oz)
  152. ShopRite Wheat Saltines Crackers (16 oz)
  153. El Maizal Flour Tortillas (10 ct)
  154. El Milagro Flour Tortillas (10 ct)
  155. Fleischmann’s Original Light Buttery Taste Spread (11.8 oz)
  156. El Milagro Fajitas Flour Tortillas (24 oz)
  157. Sandwich-Mate Pasteurized Imitation Singles American Flavor Cheese (12 oz)
  158. El Maizal Flour Tortillas (10 ct)
  159. Micasa Soft Taco Style Flour Tortillas (15 oz)
  160. Chick-Fil-A Chicken Sausage Breakfast Burrito ()
  161. Little Debbie Double Chocolate Rolls – 12 Pack (14.5 oz.)
  162. Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Chunk Cookie Cake (21.1oz)
  163. Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookie Cake (18oz)
  164. Great Value Creamy Tomato & Basil Chicken (28 oz)
  165. Armour Pepperoni Flavored Sausage Pizza Fun Kit (1 ea)
  166. Marinela Napolitano Frosted Raisin Orange Flavor Cake (9.88 oz)
  167. Armour Pepperoni Flavored Sausage Pizza Fun Kit Lunchmakers (3.4 oz)
  168. McDonald’s Crispy Chicken Chipotle BBQ Snack Wrap (4.4 oz )
  169. Del Taco’s Classic Soft Taco (3.7 oz)
  170. Jimmy Dean Delights Cinnamon Glazed French Toast Griddlers (14.4 oz)
  171. Little Debbie Holiday Snack Cakes – 10 Pack (12 oz.)
  172. Little Debbie Holiday Snack Cakes – 10 Pack (12.5 oz.)
  173. Wegmans Cheddar Snack Mix (15 oz.)
  174. Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookie Collection Variety Pack – Original Milano (25.25 oz.)
  175. Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookies (2.8 oz)
  176. Cyrus O’Leary’s French Silk Pie (30 oz)
  177. Calidad Flour Tortillas (20.8 oz)
  178. Goldfish 100 Calorie Cinnamon Graham Snack Crackers (3.75 oz.) -
    Giving these to the children?
  179. Lieber’s Honey Grahams (14.4 oz)
  180. Little Debbie Pre-Priced Nutty Bars Wafers with Peanut Butter (3 oz)
  181. Goldfish Grahams Honey Baked Graham Snacks (6.6 oz)
  182. Guerrero Club Pack Flour Tortillas (58.33 oz)
  183. Goldfish Grahams Cinnamon Baked Graham Snacks (6.6 oz)
  184. Marie Callender’s Apple Pie topped with Cinnamon Sugar (10oz)
  185. Pillsbury Ready to Bake! Chocolate Chunk & Chip Cookies (16 oz)
  186. Pepperidge Farm Mint Brussel Cookies (6.25 oz)
  187. Mission Caseras Flour Tortillas (23.3 oz)
  188. Cyrus O’Leary’s Kahlua Cream Pie (40 oz)
  189. Lala’s Flour Tortillas (24 oz)
  190. Lynn Wilson’s Thin Style Flour Tortillas (20 oz)
  191. Little Debbie Star Crunch Cookies – Big Pack (26.4 oz.)
  192. Pepperidge Farm Soft Baked Oatmeal Cookies (8.6 oz.)
  193. Pepperidge Farm Soft Baked Molasses Cookies (8.6 oz.)
  194. Pepperidge Farm 100 Calorie Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chunk Cookies (3.7 oz.)
  195. Sunbelt Fudge Dipped Choc-Chip (12oz)
  196. WHite Wings Flour Tortillas (30 oz)
  197. Calidad Flour Tortillas (10.4 oz)
  198. Guerrero Pre-Cooked Fajita Flour Tortillas (21.33 oz) - Sorry if I’m repeating tortillas, but seriously, how many of these tortillas am I going to need to post?  Are they all going to paralyze you?
  199. Goldfish Grahams Baked Chocolate Graham Snacks (7.2 oz)
  200. Pepperidge Farm 100 Calorie Pouches Milano Cookies (3.25 oz)
  201. Lieber’s Thin Wheat (10 oz)
  202. Lieber’s Reduced Fat! Thin Wheat Crackers (9 oz)
  203. Pepperidge Farm Montieri Raspberry Tart Distinctive Cookies (6 oz)
  204. Pillsbury Big Deluxe Chocolate Chip Cookies (16 oz)
  205. Pepperidge Farm Limited Edition Peppermint Crunch Geneva Chocolate & Peppermint Cookies (3.2 oz.)
  206. Pepperidge Farm Marbella Chocolate Cappuccino Cookies (5.8 oz.)
  207. Cyrus O’Leary’s Sour Cream Lemon Pie (40 oz)
  208. Pepperidge Farm Dark Chocolate Classic Creme Crispy Milano Melts Cookies (5.75 oz)
  209. Pepperidge Farm Soft Baked Milk Chocolate Chunk Cookies (8.6 oz.)
  210. Pepperidge Farm Milano Chocolate Mint Cookies (6 oz.)
  211. Pepperidge Farm Montieri Apple Tart Distinctive Cookies (6 oz)
  212. Sargento All American Potato Finishers (5.54 oz)
  213. Pepperidge Farm Caramel Apple Pie Cookies (8.6 oz)
  214. Pepperidge Farm On the Go! Pre-Priced Milano Distinctive Cookies (1.2 oz)
  215. Pepperidge Farm Milano Cookie Collection Variety Pack – Milk Chocolate Cookies (25.25 oz.)
  216. Pepperidge Farm Black & White Milano Cookies (6 oz.)
  217. Goldfish Baked S’mores Adventures Baked Snacks (6.6 oz)
  218. Pepito 96% Fat Free Soft Taco Size Flour Tortillas (12 oz)
  219. Lupita Fajita Style Flour Tortillas (18.4 oz)
  220. Pepperidge Farm Dark Classic Creme Crispy Milano Melts Cookies (5.75 oz)
  221. Jimmy Dean Sausage Quesadilla (7.5 oz)
  222. Little Debbie Mini Frosted Donuts (12.6 oz)
  223. Little Debbie Chocolate Cupcakes – Single Pack (3.1 oz.)
  224. Pepperidge Farm Verona Blueberry Filled Cookies (6.75 oz.)
  225. Cole’s Big Texan Garlic Texas Toast (17.5 oz)
  226. Pepperidge Farm Soft Baked Sugar Cookies (8.6 oz.)
  227. Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls (3.4 oz)
  228. Little Debbie Caramel Cookie Bars (9.5 oz)
  229. Lupita Soft Taco Style Four Tortillas (14 oz)
  230. Pepperidge Farm Montieri Peach Tart Distinctive Cookies (6 oz)
  231. Pepperidge Farm Chocolate Raspberry Rialto Cookies (9.2 oz.)
  232. Pepperidge Farms Snickerdoodle Soft Baked Cookies (8.6 oz.)
  233. Pepperidge Farm Milano Chocolate Raspberry Cookies (6 oz.)
  234. Pepperidge Farm Milano Slices Salted Pretzel (5oz)
  235. Cole’s Cheese Garlic Toast (14 oz)
  236. Pepperidge Farm Golden Orchard Cookie Collection (14.2 oz)
  237. Little Debbie Double Decker Oatmeal Creme Pie – Single Pack (3.8 oz.)
  238. Marie Callender’s Ham Egg & Cheese Breakfast Pie (10 oz )

One day, when we all get to heaven, we are going to think.  The food in heaven’s going to be so clean.


  • Bridgeford(1)
  • Bridgford(39)
  • Chef Pierre(2)
  • Good Sense (Waymouth Farms)(2)
  • Guerrero(13)
  • Hannaford(14)
  • Jimmy Dean(4)
  • Little Debbie(2) Oatmeal Cream Pie and Vanilla Snack Cakes – Children, Lord will you protect the children?
  • Marie Callender’s (ConAgra)(4)
  • Mission Foods(24)
  • Oberweis Dairy(1)
  • Ortega(3)
  • Safeway(7)
  • Sara Lee(1)
  • ShopRite(1) – These are the animal crackers.  Children eating this stuff… So bad. Lord please protect these children.
  • Wegmans Food Markets(16) – Saltines, oyster crackers, etc. 

Sheesh, let’s add Ortega and Guerrero to the tortillas list.  Cooking from scratch forever. :) Aren’t tortillas just water and flour and lime and oil – oh, ‘oil’ – earl – ol – ill- oh yell?

They won an award – a green award – for enzyme interesterification…wonder who doles out those awards and why…read more on interesterification suppliers.

Thank you Jesus for leading me here too.  Thank you for your love poured out on the tree – your great sacrifice that keeps me forgiven and free.  Thank you Lord for your loving ways and for resurrection power.  Thank you Lord for forgiving me. I love you Lord.

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