“Lecithin” and “Enzymes” Ingredients – A Paralyzing Mixture?

Bible gateway’s verse of the day today is, “then know this, you and all the people of Israel: It is by the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, whom you crucified but whom God raised from the dead, that this man stands before you healed. Salvation is found in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved.”

Acts 4:10,12 NIV

Praise God!

So if there’s “soy lecithin” or “soybean oil” or “soybean shortening” in an ingredient list and also “enzyme(s)” then could the enzyme hydrolyze the lecithin?  What about any food that has lecithin in it and the ingredients also list enzymes?  We know with cheese and everything if the hydrolysis happens as it’s processed then it’s called “modified,” but what if the two ingredients are just put into the mixture and they interact separately to form the same hydrolyzed lecithin – lysolecithin/ lysoPC?  Just asking.  I think the permissible enzymes under the “enzymes” list in a government GRAS site need to be compared with my list of dirty enzymes in that post way back there somewhere with “aspergillus niger.”   Have to look that up sometime.  I just avoid foods with “enzyme” listed as an ingredient anyway.  I cannot afford to eat dirty food that’s going to put me in bed paralyzed for the rest of my life.

I have thought about this a good bit and I think “lecithin” is the big bad boy in the food industry – whether it’s soy or sunflower or whatever. Why does chocolate need an emulsifier?  I never use emulsifier soy lecithin when baking.  Why does every baked good in the health food section  have soy lecithin?  The hatchet has dropped.  Soy lecithin probably is the cause of most sclerosis and pain problems today. I am mad about lecithin being added to many foods that clearly do not need it.  I give a shout out to Enjoy Life chocolate chips that do not put it in there.  After I ate those and cooked with them, I really began to question why in the world lecithin is added to almost all other chocolate.  Those chips are perfect and do not add lecithin.  Anyway, mixing enzymes and lecithin is just plain asking for it.  Trash your Hostess Twinkies.

Jesus is amazing.  He is the reason we are here – to worship him.  We praise you Jesus for creating us and giving us real food to eat.  Thank you Jesus.  Thank you that you are the real bread from heaven who is broken for us who believe that you died on the cross and rose from the dead.  We worship you.  Hallelujah!

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Should you get one knee replaced at a time or both at once?

Lord will you guide me as to what to say? Will you help me put these thoughts down easily?  Thank you for being a risen Savior who loves me and chose me out of this world to live eternally with you.  I love you, Lord.

So, you are trying to decide whether to one replaced or both at one time.  You know you’ll have a recovery time or probably a little more than the doctor says and then you’ll be good as new with your artificial implants. Have you considered waiting about the same amount of time as it would take to recover to make a few diet changes and see if your cartilage comes back?  It can happen. This is how you do it.

Right now, send someone to your salt and have them read the ingredients.  Does it say silicate – free-flowing agent?  If so, tell them to throw the salt in the trash. Next, start looking at all your labels on food and get rid of anything with sili- anything in it, including spices and frozen foods.  Get into your medicine cabinet, and look at your over-the-counter meds, and replace those with a pill that doesn’t have silicates in them – usually the gel kind does not have silicates. Next resolve not to eat fried foods. Why?  You guessed it – the anti-foaming additive to the oil is derived from silica.  Don’t eat salted foods there because of the silicates.  The whole world is open to you to eat except silica – that’s sand.  Why is sand in your food anyway? Really.

Ancient people who had rheumatoid arthritis lived in sandy environments – look at the Polynesian people.  Their cartilage was stripped down by the sand in their food.  That’s just my thought.

Now you need to go into your bathroom and check your shampoo, conditioner, deodorant, and toothpaste for silica or long words ending in -methicone.  What’d you find?  Your toothpaste is probably 90% silica and dimethicone is most likely one of the top ingredients in your deodorant.  Now how about the big one.  Find the lotion you put on your knees.  Any dimethicone in the lotion?

Well, it couldn’t be that you may say.  Perhaps you could get your knee or hip pictures taken, eliminate silica for 12 weeks, and go back and have them take another picture and see if I am right.  What if I am right and your cartilage comes back and you don’t need surgery?  How painless is that?

To find out more information about silica and steps to take read my post here.

God’s blessings be yours in abundance.  May you know the risen Christ and the fellowship of his suffering and the grace to be found in his sacrificial death and resurrection for you.

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DHA is a Health Hazard Get this Crap out of our Children’s Stuff!!!

Lord would you give me wisdom.

I am soo ticked off.  How in the world could science be soo careless?

I started reading about how DHA was sort of pushed through quickly and wondered why.  DHA is on every drug store shelf and most people have it in his or her medicine cabinet.  Why?  Because DHA was said to make you smarter and help with your memory.  Who wouldn’t want that?  People swear by the stuff.  When I used it, I could see no difference to my skin like when I eat salmon or avocado.  I get a skin change within about an hour of eating salmon or avocado and have the same skin with DHA.  So I wondered why DHA was suggested as a health benefit.  It occurred to me that maybe it’s not DHA in fish and avocado that’s making the difference or perhaps it’s a full system application internally that cannot be separated out and put in a pill. Maybe they could just liquidize a whole fish and stick it in a capsule.  Anyway, all that to slam this baseball bat into this snake oil they’ve sold us called DHA supplements.  Let’s start with lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC) causes lesions and work from there.

In 2010, scientists knew that DHA increases LPC, :A clinical trial in humans also showed that plasma EPA- and DHA-lysophosphatidylcholine concentrations were significantly increased with EPA/DHA supplementation [30].”

“It has been shown that plasma albumin carries DHA in two forms, as non-esterified fatty acids (NEFA) which supply this fatty acid to platelets, and as LPC which delivers it to erythrocytes…More recently, it has been found that 2-acyl-LPC bound to albumin could be an efficient delivery form of unsaturated fatty acids to the developing rat brain (22). The brain preferentially takes up DHA from lysoPC-DHA compared with non-esterified DHA (23)…

After oral administration, PC is more than 90% absorbed by the intestinal mucosa via conversion to LPC and reesterification (2526). The absorbed PC is then incorporated into chylomicrons (26) and, after degradation to the TG-rich particles, taken up by the high density lipoprotein (HDL) fraction (25). A small proportion of these PC is taken up without prior hydrolysis.

Little information is available on PC in relation to the possible incorporation into human tissues and circulating cells. The aim of the present study was to assess whether circulating [13C]DHA-PC and subsequent [13C]DHA-LPC in plasma are preferential forms of DHA transport compared to [13C]DHA-TG and non-esterified [13C]DHA. ” From http://www.jlr.org/content/40/10/1867.full journal of Lipid Research

Blood compartmental metabolism of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in humans after ingestion of a single dose of [13C]DHA in phosphatidylcholine

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Just Want to Thank the Lord

Lord, thank you that you saved my soul and helped me.  I am a big sinner who needs you.  Thank you for loving me despite my big flaws. Thank you for prayers and help from your Holy Spirit.  I really need you.  You died on the cross suffering for my sins and God raised you from the dead.  You are the risen Lord.  I love you.

Thank you for leading someone here that this research could help.  Thank you for revealing to her the truth about the cause of her sclerosis / blindness.  Please bless her with healing and the ability to help others and worship you.

Thank you Jesus.

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Smoking and MS


I would find it comical that they don’t say that smoking causes lesions except it’s not a funny subject. Smoking increases lysoPC in your body and lysoPC causes lesions. Figure it out. Nice read.

Originally posted on Hope for Multiple Sclerosis, Type 1 Diabetes, Food Allergies & Health:

Smoking and MS

Smoking is a major lifestyle issue for those who seek optimal health, but there is now evidence of its specific detrimental effects in MS. Smoking, with all its harmful effects on the body, has a role in MS development. An important point to emerge from a large study on nurses’ health was the very clear association between cigarette smoking and multiple sclerosis.1  The Nurses’ Health Study found that, compared with women who had never smoked, the risk of getting MS was 1.6 times greater for current smokers, and 1.2 times greater for past smokers. There was also a clear relationship between the duration of smoking and risk of MS. The risk was highest (1.7 times) for those who had smoked for over 25 years. This was supported by a Norwergian smoking MS study which showed a very similar risk, with smokers 1.8 times more likely…

View original 568 more words

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LysoPC is the Cause of Lesions

Lord, thank you for saving me.  Thank you for dying for me and choosing me and forgiving my blatant rebellion and sin.  I praise God that you have the power to forgive my sins, that you made that power evident when you healed people from physical ailments and gave them the ability to see and walk and love you forever.  You are amazing God!  Thank you for living your life just for me and dying on the cross always thinking of me, and living again and overcoming the death and hate and sin that is in me and in this world.  You are amazing Jesus!  There is none like you.

The cause of sclerosis or lesions or whatever you call them is lysoPC which is also called lysolecithin or lysophosphatidylcholine.  This is not genius material here.   1. When someone eats a lot of food with unnaturally high amounts of lysoPC or uses a product with “lysolecithin,” then the lysoPC attacks their brain or spine and causes a lesions.   Look at food labels for the food ingredients “enzyme modified” or “phospholipase” or “interesterified.”  Look at product labels for “lysolecithin.”  2.  There are things you can do to increase product of lysoPC –  Drinking a lot of alcohol, smoking tobacco, and smoking marijuana.

I haven’t put everything I know in the blog yet.  But this is science and not some theory.  Those who sell products do not take this factual, scientific information seriously.  Do you?

I’ll tell you, I do.  My symptoms during my lesions made me a believer and a half.  That was awful, and I never want to go through it again.  I cannot imagine what you guys go through with trigeminal neuralgia (TN) and have it in your face.  How can people put lysolecithin (lysoPC) in face make up when TN is a possibility?  Unconscionable.

If you agree with science, then start reading this blog with “Death by Food” and then read, read, read until you get to “The Motherload List” of things that cause lesions.  I have some ideas about causes of other diseases in the blog; some are just suggestions for more research, but don’t let that make you think that the cause of lesions is not factual.  I branched out thinking about other things.  The cause of lesions is lysoPC; read the science.

God, will you help us refrain from using products that cause lesions?  Will you help us not relapse?  Will you grant us safe recovery?  Will you bless us with peace on earth physically and spiritually? Thank you for dying for sins on the cross. I praise you for being resurrected.

Will you all pray for me to have gentleness and kindness at all times and under all circumstances?

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Side Effects of Sclerosis

Lord Jesus would you help me write?  May your name be exalted.  May your name be praised.  May your name be honored and hallowed forever.  Thank you for dying for my sins on the cross and rising from the dead to give me new life.

I scraped my wrist the other day and have about a one inch scar.  I watched the lesion form and then heal over time.  I kept thinking this is what it must have looked like on my spine when the two lesions formed.  Have you seen a picture of brain lesions?  They look just like  a scar would look on the outside.  It’s kind of gross, but so is this subject. :)

So, it took a few weeks to heal and form a protective coating and then heal, leaving a scar. The thing about spinal lesions is that when a lesion occurs, you know it.  Your body starts short circuiting and you experience electric shocks from the nerve damage and balance issues from the vascular damage. Then the lesion starts to heal.  Your electric shocks go away but the vascular damage does not go away.  You regain some functions but completely lose others.  This is what I am writing about today – what is lost.

When people see me, they cannot see many symptoms from the lesions.  Though these symptoms persist, everyone thinks I regained total functioning ability. That is incorrect.  This is one reason I am not in favor of dangerous work for people who’ve had lesions.  Most people will have different symptoms and different recovery, but have they recovered the necessary abilities to handle dangerous situations?  Does the hockey player fall backward if touched on the shoulder?  Does the race car driver forget things periodically?

Learning new information is also difficult.  So to let go of a former career is not the best option.  Perhaps moving out of the danger of the career into a desk type job is the best way to go.  That way you can still draw on information one knows.

The symptoms that nobody can see are the most difficult for me since almost nobody feels compassion toward me about them.  The symptoms people see are what causes them to feel compassion.  If I forget what someone says repeatedly, well that just ticks them off.

I do like some of the memory problems.  I live a lot more in the moment and not thinking about the past.  That is great.  I like not recognizing everyone and remembering every thing they ever said or did.  I like being a little fuzzy when trying to remember something.  People cannot stand someone who thinks they know things; they like being the one who knows – so now they are.  I like knowing I could possibly die soon, and so I live for now and not the future. I like having to lean on Jesus for lots of little things that the silent symptoms make so difficult.  I am always in prayer!  Lord, help me do this, that, and the other.

I am so grateful I have not had a relapse.  The people who’ve had multiple relapses say they lose more and more each time after the lesions heal.  Nice, huh?

I do not have control over my destiny, the Lord Jesus does.  I do think he has shown me what to eat in order not to put more stress on my body by eating lysolecithin.  Perhaps, one day my body will completely recover and the Lord will help me regain my strength.  Until then, I will find my strength in him.

“To God be the glory great things he has done, so loved he the world that he gave us his son” to die on the cross and he raised Jesus from the dead. Praise be to God!

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