Smoking and MS


I would find it comical that they don’t say that smoking causes lesions except it’s not a funny subject. Smoking increases lysoPC in your body and lysoPC causes lesions. Figure it out. Nice read.

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Smoking and MS

Smoking is a major lifestyle issue for those who seek optimal health, but there is now evidence of its specific detrimental effects in MS. Smoking, with all its harmful effects on the body, has a role in MS development. An important point to emerge from a large study on nurses’ health was the very clear association between cigarette smoking and multiple sclerosis.1  The Nurses’ Health Study found that, compared with women who had never smoked, the risk of getting MS was 1.6 times greater for current smokers, and 1.2 times greater for past smokers. There was also a clear relationship between the duration of smoking and risk of MS. The risk was highest (1.7 times) for those who had smoked for over 25 years. This was supported by a Norwergian smoking MS study which showed a very similar risk, with smokers 1.8 times more likely…

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LysoPC is the Cause of Lesions

Lord, thank you for saving me.  Thank you for dying for me and choosing me and forgiving my blatant rebellion and sin.  I praise God that you have the power to forgive my sins, that you made that power evident when you healed people from physical ailments and gave them the ability to see and walk and love you forever.  You are amazing God!  Thank you for living your life just for me and dying on the cross always thinking of me, and living again and overcoming the death and hate and sin that is in me and in this world.  You are amazing Jesus!  There is none like you.

The cause of sclerosis or lesions or whatever you call them is lysoPC which is also called lysolecithin or lysophosphatidylcholine.  This is not genius material here.   1. When someone eats a lot of food with unnaturally high amounts of lysoPC or uses a product with “lysolecithin,” then the lysoPC attacks their brain or spine and causes a lesions.   Look at food labels for the food ingredients “enzyme modified” or “phospholipase” or “interesterified.”  Look at product labels for “lysolecithin.”  2.  There are things you can do to increase product of lysoPC –  Drinking a lot of alcohol, smoking tobacco, and smoking marijuana.

I haven’t put everything I know in the blog yet.  But this is science and not some theory.  Those who sell products do not take this factual, scientific information seriously.  Do you?

I’ll tell you, I do.  My symptoms during my lesions made me a believer and a half.  That was awful, and I never want to go through it again.  I cannot imagine what you guys go through with trigeminal neuralgia (TN) and have it in your face.  How can people put lysolecithin (lysoPC) in face make up when TN is a possibility?  Unconscionable.

If you agree with science, then start reading this blog with “Death by Food” and then read, read, read until you get to “The Motherload List” of things that cause lesions.  I have some ideas about causes of other diseases in the blog; some are just suggestions for more research, but don’t let that make you think that the cause of lesions is not factual.  I branched out thinking about other things.  The cause of lesions is lysoPC; read the science.

God, will you help us refrain from using products that cause lesions?  Will you help us not relapse?  Will you grant us safe recovery?  Will you bless us with peace on earth physically and spiritually? Thank you for dying for sins on the cross. I praise you for being resurrected.

Will you all pray for me to have gentleness and kindness at all times and under all circumstances?

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Side Effects of Sclerosis

Lord Jesus would you help me write?  May your name be exalted.  May your name be praised.  May your name be honored and hallowed forever.  Thank you for dying for my sins on the cross and rising from the dead to give me new life.

I scraped my wrist the other day and have about a one inch scar.  I watched the lesion form and then heal over time.  I kept thinking this is what it must have looked like on my spine when the two lesions formed.  Have you seen a picture of brain lesions?  They look just like  a scar would look on the outside.  It’s kind of gross, but so is this subject. :)

So, it took a few weeks to heal and form a protective coating and then heal, leaving a scar. The thing about spinal lesions is that when a lesion occurs, you know it.  Your body starts short circuiting and you experience electric shocks from the nerve damage and balance issues from the vascular damage. Then the lesion starts to heal.  Your electric shocks go away but the vascular damage does not go away.  You regain some functions but completely lose others.  This is what I am writing about today – what is lost.

When people see me, they cannot see many symptoms from the lesions.  Though these symptoms persist, everyone thinks I regained total functioning ability. That is incorrect.  This is one reason I am not in favor of dangerous work for people who’ve had lesions.  Most people will have different symptoms and different recovery, but have they recovered the necessary abilities to handle dangerous situations?  Does the hockey player fall backward if touched on the shoulder?  Does the race car driver forget things periodically?

Learning new information is also difficult.  So to let go of a former career is not the best option.  Perhaps moving out of the danger of the career into a desk type job is the best way to go.  That way you can still draw on information one knows.

The symptoms that nobody can see are the most difficult for me since almost nobody feels compassion toward me about them.  The symptoms people see are what causes them to feel compassion.  If I forget what someone says repeatedly, well that just ticks them off.

I do like some of the memory problems.  I live a lot more in the moment and not thinking about the past.  That is great.  I like not recognizing everyone and remembering every thing they ever said or did.  I like being a little fuzzy when trying to remember something.  People cannot stand someone who thinks they know things; they like being the one who knows – so now they are.  I like knowing I could possibly die soon, and so I live for now and not the future. I like having to lean on Jesus for lots of little things that the silent symptoms make so difficult.  I am always in prayer!  Lord, help me do this, that, and the other.

I am so grateful I have not had a relapse.  The people who’ve had multiple relapses say they lose more and more each time after the lesions heal.  Nice, huh?

I do not have control over my destiny, the Lord Jesus does.  I do think he has shown me what to eat in order not to put more stress on my body by eating lysolecithin.  Perhaps, one day my body will completely recover and the Lord will help me regain my strength.  Until then, I will find my strength in him.

“To God be the glory great things he has done, so loved he the world that he gave us his son” to die on the cross and he raised Jesus from the dead. Praise be to God!

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Healing Down’s Syndrome

Lord, will you give me clarity?  Will you help me organize my thoughts and make a sensible, thoughtful plan for someone to use to heal Down’s Syndrome? 

I saw a little girl with Down’s Syndrome today and began pray.  Let me go ahead and say I think people can heal from medical problems that the medical establishment does not say can heal. Secondly, I think what are referred to as genetic problems are not “nature” or “inherited” but “nurture” or “environment.”  On that basis I can propose that someone with Down’s Syndrome can be healed.  Usually in this blog I propose that nutrition is the link to healing.  I don’t know the cause of Down’s Syndrome. I’d say with Down’s Syndrome creating type of surgery may be a good option.

Could you not just cut and paste?  Not like a computer but like with a laser and paste some of the person’s stem cells back into the same spot? Couldn’t you try this with an adult’s cells and DNA like from their arm and put into a simulated environment and brought back to the arm again… It seems like you could just cut one of the three but maybe it’s best to try to cut all three and put a whole healthy part there – (not from a baby’s stem cells, mind you) but from their own.

Anyway, I hope this gives someone some good ideas how to help and improve life for others.  You can tell I don’t know enough about this topic and hope nobody’s offended by the word problem or trying to introduce a way to heal.  I often think of that Star Trek where one of the crew gives a suffering person on earth some medicine to cure like liver disease or something incurable now.  We just have to think differently.  It can be done.

Lord, will you send just the right person here? Will you keep those who may cause harm away?  One day you are coming back- Oh glorious day.  I am so glad you are alive and well in heaven and waiting to reunite us with you.  You are amazing.  Thank you for arising and conquering death – “Death could not hold him, the grave could not keep him from rising again! Living he loved me, dying he saved me, rising he justified forever – Oh glorious day!”

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Amalgams Out!

Dear Lord, thank you for taking care of me.  Thank you for letting me get my teeth fixed and giving me low, low levels of anxiety about it.  I love you and trust your sacrificial death on the cross for me and your life-giving resurrection.

Today I had two tiny amalgams, silver teeth fillings, taken out.  So, glad!  No more mercury in my mouth.  The changes I hope for (and these are a reminder for me!) are:

  1. No more anxious worry feeling in between my eyebrows
  2. No more jolt in my left tooth when I step down hard
  3. No more pain in my left sinus cavity when I have a sinus infection
  4. No more bothersome feeling in my right tooth and gum
  5. No more TMJ!!!!!!
  6. No more cracking my jaw and glitch closing mouth
  7. Less pain down my neck and shoulders
  8. Less face pain

My Christian dentist put on some worship music and I could just praise the Lord.  I have prayed that I won’t have a relapse when the mercury enters my digestive system – a little worried but must just trust!  So glad to have them out!

Thank you Jesus for your loving kindness demonstrated on the cross and in your resurrection.  I love your gentleness with me.  Will you continue to bless me with your gentle care?  I love you! Amen!

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Rodan + Fields Soothe Treatment Has Lysolecithin and Lysolecithin Causes Lesions

Lord would you bless us and keep us from sickness?  Would you help bless us? Thank you for dying for our sins and rising from death.  We love you Jesus.

This is just a heads up for anyone using Rodan + Fields Soothe Sensitive Skin Treatment. One of the ingredients is lysolecithin. Lysolecithin causes lesions.  This could be a cumulative effect when coupled with other sources of lysolecithin / lysoPC.  Leave off the treatment until this company rake the lysoelcithin out.

Thank you Jesus for shielding us from sin and harm.  Thank you for taking the penalty for our sin.  Thank you for living eternally and giving us your perfect sinless life.

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Rejoicing in Christ’s Birth With You!

I pray you have a blessed day rejoicing in the Lord Jesus Christ who born to a woman and lay in a manger.  How blessed it is to receive the gift of his perfect salvation!  May you feel the joy of knowing this Savior who died for sins on the cross and rose from death and may you have a pain free, disease free, and lysoPC free Christmas!!!

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