The Cause of Diabetes

Lord, would you help me to find out what you want me to and lead me to it quickly? Please give me alertness and wisdom and understanding.  There is so much here today.  I truly don’t understand this myself like others do.  Will you reveal the answers to me easily and help others to understand too?  Thank you Jesus.  You died for my sins and raised me up spiritually just like you raised up old Lazarus literally.  You are awesome. I can’t wait to live with you forever but I am grateful for the time you are giving me on earth.  It’s such a lovely world with lovely people.  I thank you for their souls and the many you will redeem back from sin.  You are truly amazing!

So today I am just looking into diabetes.  Then I am looking into calcium and vitamin D.

Diabetes: The pancreas produces enzymes including lipases and phospholipase A2 (PLA2).  This is so stupid. It’s all summed up succinctly on Wikipedia and I know Wikipedia is not scholarly but here’s a general breakdown of PLA2 all in one place. So it’s all in here.  Ischemia is a word I’ve needed for a long time – a symptom of PLA2.  This is what is affecting my hip and causes me pain.

Diabetes and fat pockets in the liver.  Something’s causing the pancreas to not produce enzymes like PLA2 which breaks down lecithin or phosphatidylcholine.  What if the body’s receiving enough man-made lysoPC and the pancreas decides it does not need to produce PLA2 to make lysoPC itself?  You know, like how breast milk dries up if it’s not needed.

So before reading this whole thing on PLA2 I was searching Calcium and Vitamin D and how they are related.  I kept reading in research early on in my studies that calcium was released with sphingo-something and knew that there is some connection with Vitamin D, but it wasn’t until today that I felt the need to look it up.  I was trying to remember this: vitamin D helps with the absorption of calcium. My parents taught me that at an early age and I couldn’t remember=frustrating not to remember something you’ve known your whole life.  Anyway, this is relevant to the MS crowd because high doses of vitamin D are injected in order to boost the numbers on the blood tests.  But why is the vitamin D low?  Could it be because the calcium is needed to assist the PLA2 and thus making a deficiency of vitamin D? What about the other vitamins that assist with absorption; are E, K and C low?  I don’t know, once I’m in here in the pancreas, it’s kind of overwhelming with all the receptors, and somehow I’m looking at how arachidonic acid is cleaved from “phospholipids after phospholipase C (PLC) cleaves off the inositol trisphosphate group, yielding diacylglycerol (DAG), which subsequently is cleaved by DAG lipase to yield arachidonic acid.”  So why is diacylglycerol even an ingredient in our food?

So why am I even looking at all this?  Diabetes.  How much can the pancreas take before it stops functioning properly? I am wondering if the cause of diabetes is known, and I am looking it up.

I used to cuss a lot before I became a Christian. I find myself nearly writing cuss words in here. I have to restrain myself when I read stuff like this, “In type 1 diabetes, the body no longer makes insulin because the body’s own immune system has attacked and destroyed the cells where insulin is made.” Does anyone recognize that phrase?  Anyone who has MS knows all too well.  Know my readers know I think that’s a load of crap.  Please read here.  Then the next explanation is, “The cause of this isn’t entirely clear but it may include genetic risk factors and environmental factors. One theory is that type 1 diabetes may occur after having a specific virus.”  Perhaps the environment may be the ansewr.  That’s my hunch.  If you eat a bunch of chemicals/processed foods, how long before your pancreas stops functioning?  Which chemicals in our foods are causing the diabetes?  Overwhelmed – there are so many culprits.  Perhaps it’s a cumulative effect with several different agents. Maybe it’s medicine as an environmental factor too.  Don’t you think someone actually knows that answer?  Back to lysoPC. It’s apparent that lysoPC plays a role in the pancreas, then in the liver, in the intestines, and in the nervous system.

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Follow Up to the Tay Sachs Post and Other Thoughts

Lord, would you help me to present this material easily and in a way that anyone can understand without sounding short?  Thank you for your love for us through Jesus Christ.  Thank you for being our confidence, our support and our stay in this dark world. Thank you for dying for us and living.  You saved us from hell.  Thank you Lord.

So, I’d like to see a present day lipid panel of a someone with Tay Sachs.  Basically from the previous post, I learned that the lysolecithin (lysoPC) increases and lecithin decreases. This makes me think that something is acting on the lecithin to lyse it.  It’s like having 30 pairs of bluejeans (lecithin) and cutting off the legs with scissors and now you have 30 pairs of blue jean shorts (lysolecithin).  But what’s the scissors?  Is it an enzyme…a chemical maybe? I don’t know if the following would fit the prescription, but it was my first thought on first brush with Tay Sachs and its associated diseases.

Hexachlorophene is a demyelinating agent that causes sclerosis.  It is presently found in prescription-only soaps such as PhisoHex, detergents, and surgical scrubs.  It was used in the 70s as a baby wash, surgical scrub, and acne treatment.  Read the symptoms described here in Toxicology Principles from 2008 and compare them with neurodegenerative disorders: Basically it says, hexachlorophene “is easily absorbed through the skin…causes intramyelinic edema…infants received damage to the peripheral and central nervous system…segmental demyelination…axonal degeneration…degeneration of photoreceptors in the retina…humans show…weakness, confusion, and seizures…”

So maybe this a stab in the dark.  Maybe your baby doesn’t use this, but maybe you are the one whose light is about to shine.  Eliminate this wash from your baby, and guess what?  Your baby can heal. This article says so, “the effects of hexachlorophene were reversible in early stages of exposure.”

This article shows some in and out workings of lipids, including lysoPC and lecithin in the sciatic nerve.  What about the blood circulation around it? What happens to the blood circulation? Also, why are they putting diglycerides in our processed foods.  It’s cropped up like a hundred fold in the last year or two.  Mono and diglycerides are esters and connected biologically with coenzyme A.  This is craziness.  According to this, it’s an emulsifier.  Gross.  Let’s poison our food so its gluten is more strong or the bread can last longer on the shelf. Nasty.  Smell that sour stuff. (I won’t use anything with coenzyme A in it because it’s so closely linked with lysoPC.  That’s another thing I need to study.  It seems coenzyme A was introduced on a lot of hype and advertising several years ago. Also, alpha lipoic acid (ALA) since it’s so close to DHA. I need to get into manufacturing publications on how they make ALA and coenzyme A products because they are so popular.)

Please pray that I’ll eat clean and healthy and stay away from harmful products. I pray the same for you. Lord, will help all those reading this to eat clean and healthy foods and to stay away from harmful products and also do the same for their families and those you’ve put in their care?  Thank you.

Thank you Jesus for the time to write this.  Please help me to love others and be loving toward them.  Thank you for your love for me – you are truly amazing.  I am glad you guide me and keep me safe.  Amen.

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Tay-Sachs and Lysolecithin

Lord, you are my father.  You who died on the cross, suffering agony form y sins and living again to overcome this world and death and sin.  I praise your holy name. Thank you.  Thank you for leading me to this today.

I totally should not understand this, but it seems to make perfect sense.  This 1966 article shows how Tay-Sachs shows an increased lysolecithin / lysophosphatidylcholine level.  They say it’s genetic but the hexadine stuff was used in surgical wash and soaps during that era.  So, pretty freaky.  I often wonder if that violinist who got MS used the hexadine soaps for some reason.  I imagine a lot of nurses were diagnosed around that time too.  Pretty sad stuff.  Preventable. The symptoms for Tay-Sachs are just like MS – just baby-sized.  The adult Tay-Sachs diagnosis matches effects from chemical warfare; that’s no surprise since if you lyse lysolecithin one more time it becomes a chemical warfare agent.  I wonder how many of our illustrious biochemists  have created lysed lysolecithins for our foods and products without even realizing what they’ve done. Lysolecithin causes lesions on the central nervous system. Here’s the Mother load list of current products with unnaturally high levels of lysolecithin / lysoPC. So, I don’t know if I should go into the blogs and suggest this to parents who have children with Tay-Sachs.  People usually seem to get pretty ticked off anyway, and parents are touchy.  They always seem to feel that it’s their fault – and they aren’t usually open to research but to what a doctor says.  I don’t know.

Lord,  will you save many as they read this blog?  Will you provide relief from sin and suffering?  Please show them the way through Jesus Christ.  Thank you Jesus for dying and rising. “This is my blood of the covenant, which is poured out for many for the forgiveness of sins.” (Matt 26:28)

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I just read: Lysolecithin – Is It The Secret To Rapid Weight Loss?

Lysolecithin – Is It The Secret To Rapid Weight Loss?. So, I just read this article and horror of horrors I see a new sinister use of lysolecithin – as a slimming aid to make you thin!  Who thinks of this stuff?  So, you wrap your whole body in something for an hour and it has lysoPC in it. Then you (hopefully) get up and can still walk and think.  Lysolecithin is used to inject mice spines to create lesions and topical application causes central nervous system lesions too.

I am looking into more products now like these which I may have added before:

Look at these prices!  Craziness! Way to make all the rich disabled.

This is such a strange concept.  I hope and pray these people will regain their abilities and not suffer permanent damage.

Can I just say that the way to lose weight is to stop eating enriched foods and processed foods.  Easy peasy.  Eat organic, non-GMO foods and use not processed products.

Lord, will you bless us.  Please bless these people undergoing this horifying treatment to become more thin and in the process losing their ability to walk and talk and feel.  This world is your Lord.  Please bless your people with wisdom and grace and power to overcome by the word of our testimony.  May you be exalted.  Thank you for living a perfect life, dying for my sins and rising from the dead. Amen.

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LysoPC is in our products and causes demyelination / sclerosis

Dear Lord Jesus you are so awesome.  I praise you for your death on the cross and suffering my hell and rising from death to overcome the grave and give me eternal life with you in heaven.  It is awesome to be with you and to be yours.  I praise you heavenly father and friend.  You are amazing.

I love the Japanese people.  I love this article I read today.  I love the succinctness of how it explains that lysoPC causes lesions.  Doesn’t it blow your mind that the food industry increases lysoPC unnaturally in our processed foods like Totinos Pizza, Spaghetti Os, and Marie Calendar’s Chicken Pot Pie.  Ahhh, American foods – adulterated and deadly.

So, here’s the mystery solved.  Multiple sclerosis is not a mysterious disease where ones body attacks itself – like you are to blame.  Multiple sclerosis is not an inherited disease where you just have bad genes – like you are to blame.  Multiple sclerosis is not a disease managed mysteriously by drugs that sometimes work and sometimes do not work – like you are to blame.  I am pointing fingers but not at you.  You are not to blame for your “disease.”  It is not your fault.  You will not negatively affect your children because you are made a certain way.  You are just eating approved foods and trusting a completely incompetent regulatory agency. I advise you to read your labels, do the chemistry, look at the research and determine if you are intaking or using lysoPC to an extent that it is harming you or your loved ones.  See the Mother Load list to find your products.

Read this article .

“Pericytes play pivotal roles in physiological and pathophysiological conditions in the central nervous system. As pericytes prevent vascular leakage, they can halt neuronal damage stemming from a compromised blood-brain barrier. Therefore, pericytes may be a good target for the treatment of neurodegenerative disorders, although evidence is lacking. In this study, we show that prostacyclin attenuates lysophosphatidylcholine (LPC)-mediated vascular dysfunction through pericyte protection in the adult mouse spinal cord. LPC decreased the number of pericytes in an in vitro blood-brain barrier model, and this decrease was prevented by iloprost treatment, a prostacyclin analog. Intrathecal administration of iloprost attenuated vascular barrier disruption after LPC injection in the mouse spinal cord. Furthermore, iloprost treatment diminished demyelination and motor function deficits in mice injected with LPC. These results support the notion that prostacyclin acts on pericytes to maintain vascular barrier integrity.”

Here is a link between the vascular damage caused by lysoPC and the neuronal damage.  This article does support a drug and I do not recommend it.  I currently have an apothecary trying to create a natural herbal tincture to support circulatory regeneration.  Please pray for this endeavor.

I pray this article lends validation to many blog posts in here that say the same thing about lysoPC causing sclerosis.

Thank you God for the Japanese scientists studying this topic.  Please give them a breakthrough on natural remedies.  You may have brought them to a time such as this to bring relief and healing to all of us.  Please give us grace to put you first and foremost no matter what. We love you Jesus.  I pray especially for salvation of those reading and working on this subject. You are gracious to enter into covenant with us and redeem us from our sins.  I praise you holy father.

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Olney, MSG, and Confirmation

Lord Jesus will you bless us with your wisdom and grace.  We love you for dying in our place and taking the wrath that I deserve for my sins and giving me your perfect righteousness.  How awesome are you?  You are so greatly higher than anything I could ask or imagine.  Thank you for rising from death and defeating it and bringing me into eternal communion with you.  You are majesty.

So, today I was introduced to John W. Olney by karenkdeeboutique from her blog .  I read a few things on him and then saw that much of the research I put into this blog was summed up in one of his biographies.  When I say, “on” below, I am referring to my own connections with his comments.

Look at this from smarttots:

On anesthesia, “Since then he has published over 300 peer-reviewed articles, and has served as the principal investigator in multiple research projects, including recent studies demonstrating the toxicity of anesthetics in the developing rodent and primate brain”


” For more than four decades Dr. Olney has studied mechanisms of cell death in the developing and adult central nervous system (CNS) with a focus on factors such as drug exposure and abuse, food additives, and dietary supplements. He has also conducted multiple studies related to commonly used drugs in pediatric and obstetric medicine, including sedatives, anesthetics, analgesics and anticonvulsants.”

Oh, how I could have talked to this man!

On toxins and psychological problems, “In medical school I became particularly interested in the developing nervous system and in pathological mechanisms that can disrupt normal development and lead to neuropsychiatric disabilities. Prevention of such disabilities is my ultimate goal, and the first step toward prevention is to develop a better understanding of the underlying causes.

On women developing multiple sclerosis a few months after giving birth (This is an actual assertion by the medical community for MS), “My research findings over the past decade have been instrumental in alerting the medical community that anesthetic drugs have the potential to induce cell death in the developing brain. It is important to educate the public regarding the goals of SmartTots, and to educate the medical community regarding the wisdom of exposing fetuses and infants to only the minimum amount of anesthesia that is necessary to provide high quality medical care.

On vaccines, “I hope to see SmartTots generate sufficient funding to support key studies that are essential for clarifying the nature and degree of risk that human fetuses and infants are subjected to when they undergo procedural sedation and/or general anesthesia. If it turns out that the risk is real and of a serious nature, the goal of SmartTots should be to support research aimed at developing methods that prevent the neurotoxic side effects of anesthetic drugs without interfering with their beneficial actions.”

I totally love this field and see how he could say, “I applied for medical school in 1959 because I had a burning desire to pursue a research career aimed at developing a better understanding of the human brain from both a health and disease perspective.”  I am so grateful that the Lord used this man to examine these subjects.  He’s also the guy who asserted that MSG caused lesions.  He must be really smart because somehow he hasn’t been vilified which is probably what would happen to the person today who documented research that MSG caused lesions. Maybe they’d be destroyed or they’d have to use it like bribery to leverage themselves into a great position? Dr. Olney seems to have used his knowledge for the betterment of mankind and to make a difference in the lives of people getting sick from their products and food.  He lived until he was 83 and just passed away this past April.  Let’s keep his family in our prayers.

I’ve lately been thinking how acetaminophen is the only pain reliever that works for me. I think there may be a “choline” connection. I find that fascinating because lysolecithin is also called lysophosphatidylcholine (lysoPC).  Acetaminophen works on the acetylcholine receptors.  It seems Olney knew receptors inside and out.

I also found a bunch of old packets of cimetidine.  I used to take it often because it was the only thing that worked on my upset stomach after I ate.  See my post on cimetidine and lysoPC.

Thank you Jesus for such an interesting find today. Will you bless the family, coworkers, and friends of Dr. Olney as they deal with the loss of a loved one?  Will you continue the research and bring glory to yourself?  Will you purify our foods and products and keep giving us clean food and products? We have sinned greatly against you and your glory.  We deserve all the effects of the fall, but in your great mercy will you hear us and will you heal our land?  Will you grant us healing from your divine hand and power?  Will you grant us your power to have changed and purified hearts and characters as we live to worship and adore you?  We need your spirit now and always.  Will you bless our families as well with steadfastness and hatred of sin and love for what is good and focusing on you and your glory and glorious greatness?  We love you Lord. You are amazing God.

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Do these ingredients mix with lecithin to form lysolecithin and cause lesions?

Dear Lord, will you remind me what I’ve seen and questioned?  Will you help someone to research this in a lab and make some determinations and decisions that will help us stay healthy?  Will you remind us that we are yours forever through the the blood of Christ Jesus who died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead?

Are you looking for a topic for your doctoral thesis? How about studying food biochemistry? This would apply if you are in biochemistry, biology, or a health related field.  I’m putting three thesis ideas in one post.

First thesis:

I read all these labels and wonder what the chemical reaction is on the lecithin in the food when mixed with these ingredients. Not everything will lyse lecithin to make the toxic lesion-causing lysolecithin / lysoPC. (I plan on returning to this list and adding as I see fit.)

So I question:

  • lactic acid
  • lactid acid starter culture
  • culture
  • triglycerides (lyolecithin rides a triglyceride)
  • mono and diglycerides
  • vitamin E (Does a large accumulation cause lesions by activating lysoPC in our bodies?)

And why is vitamin E added to everything.  I learned in Nutrition class that there are four vitamins that the body doesn’t eliminate easily – A, D, E, and K.  (<-A great reason not to take multi-vitamins. Plus, how do you know those multi-vitamins don’t cause inflammation?) Vitamin E is added as a preservative, but I have yet to read about its efficacy as a preservative.  So, basically all this health food stuff is randomly adding a lot of vitamin E.  Who wants to accumulate a lot of vitamin E? Isn’t it sufficient naturally in our food sources? They are also putting vitamin A in children’s juices.  Is that responsible? And don’t get me on the whole milk thing with vitamin D.

Second thesis:

Discover which foods are contributing to disease. This one’s super simple and great for a number cruncher. Start with multiple sclerosis. Have so many people with MS volunteer to give you their grocery, product, and dining receipts. Input them all into a program for say three months. (It only takes two weeks to develop lesions from lysolecithin.) Subgroup the volunteers into those with experiencing relapses during the time frame. Check those receipts closely.  I think you’d determine a product or two that could be culpable.

Some groceries keep tabs on what people buy and have a card where they track everything that person does. It would be amazing to have access to those files with the added information of the sickness each person has.  This would be fascinating to run on diabetes, liver disease, different kinds of cancers and dementias. I think it would be responsible for a grocery to monitor what it sells and even quietly retire certain products until the manufacturer changes the ingredients.

I know one area that really only sells two types of pizzas in the grocery store: Totinos and Digiorno. {The stores were full of items from the Mother Load list of products that cause lesions post.) Both of these have the ultimate red zone ingredient “enzyme modified cheese.” Do you think it’s a wonder that I heard about four people all suffering from nerve damage and symptoms that match the effects of lysolecithin/ lysoPC?

Speaking of quietly retiring ingredients: do you really think all these salmonella outbreaks or listeria etc. outbreaks are caused by whole foods? Have you ever noticed that there is never, ever  practically a large outbreak that can be attributed to a synthetic ingredient? It’s almost always a tomato or lettuce or milk, etc. Poor farmers! The chemists aren’t about to suffer loss! Just saying.

My last thesis:

I am not sure but I have a hunch that liver diseases such as non-alcoholic cirrhosis, could be caused by Metformin and a medicine hard on the liver like Zoloft. I think this needs to be looked into.

Also, starting a garden as soon as possible with like four dying plants I bought a week or so ago.  Ha ha!  May the Lord bless it!

Thank you Jesus for your amazing grace and loving ways.  You are gentle and kind, the merciful savior who rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and suffered at the hands of evil men, dying an excruciating death and then rising victoriously over the grave.  I love you Lord! You are splendid and majestic.  Please have mercy on us and grant us grace to live for you.  Protect us and grant us your gifts of the spirit, especially gentleness and love. Amen.

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