Olney, MSG, and Confirmation

Lord Jesus will you bless us with your wisdom and grace.  We love you for dying in our place and taking the wrath that I deserve for my sins and giving me your perfect righteousness.  How awesome are you?  You are so greatly higher than anything I could ask or imagine.  Thank you for rising from death and defeating it and bringing me into eternal communion with you.  You are majesty.

So, today I was introduced to John W. Olney by karenkdeeboutique from her blog .  I read a few things on him and then saw that much of the research I put into this blog was summed up in one of his biographies.  When I say, “on” below, I am referring to my own connections with his comments.

Look at this from smarttots:

On anesthesia, “Since then he has published over 300 peer-reviewed articles, and has served as the principal investigator in multiple research projects, including recent studies demonstrating the toxicity of anesthetics in the developing rodent and primate brain”


” For more than four decades Dr. Olney has studied mechanisms of cell death in the developing and adult central nervous system (CNS) with a focus on factors such as drug exposure and abuse, food additives, and dietary supplements. He has also conducted multiple studies related to commonly used drugs in pediatric and obstetric medicine, including sedatives, anesthetics, analgesics and anticonvulsants.”

Oh, how I could have talked to this man!

On toxins and psychological problems, “In medical school I became particularly interested in the developing nervous system and in pathological mechanisms that can disrupt normal development and lead to neuropsychiatric disabilities. Prevention of such disabilities is my ultimate goal, and the first step toward prevention is to develop a better understanding of the underlying causes.

On women developing multiple sclerosis a few months after giving birth (This is an actual assertion by the medical community for MS), “My research findings over the past decade have been instrumental in alerting the medical community that anesthetic drugs have the potential to induce cell death in the developing brain. It is important to educate the public regarding the goals of SmartTots, and to educate the medical community regarding the wisdom of exposing fetuses and infants to only the minimum amount of anesthesia that is necessary to provide high quality medical care.

On vaccines, “I hope to see SmartTots generate sufficient funding to support key studies that are essential for clarifying the nature and degree of risk that human fetuses and infants are subjected to when they undergo procedural sedation and/or general anesthesia. If it turns out that the risk is real and of a serious nature, the goal of SmartTots should be to support research aimed at developing methods that prevent the neurotoxic side effects of anesthetic drugs without interfering with their beneficial actions.”

I totally love this field and see how he could say, “I applied for medical school in 1959 because I had a burning desire to pursue a research career aimed at developing a better understanding of the human brain from both a health and disease perspective.”  I am so grateful that the Lord used this man to examine these subjects.  He’s also the guy who asserted that MSG caused lesions.  He must be really smart because somehow he hasn’t been vilified which is probably what would happen to the person today who documented research that MSG caused lesions. Maybe they’d be destroyed or they’d have to use it like bribery to leverage themselves into a great position? Dr. Olney seems to have used his knowledge for the betterment of mankind and to make a difference in the lives of people getting sick from their products and food.  He lived until he was 83 and just passed away this past April.  Let’s keep his family in our prayers.

I’ve lately been thinking how acetaminophen is the only pain reliever that works for me. I think there may be a “choline” connection. I find that fascinating because lysolecithin is also called lysophosphatidylcholine (lysoPC).  Acetaminophen works on the acetylcholine receptors.  It seems Olney knew receptors inside and out.

I also found a bunch of old packets of cimetidine.  I used to take it often because it was the only thing that worked on my upset stomach after I ate.  See my post on cimetidine and lysoPC.

Thank you Jesus for such an interesting find today. Will you bless the family, coworkers, and friends of Dr. Olney as they deal with the loss of a loved one?  Will you continue the research and bring glory to yourself?  Will you purify our foods and products and keep giving us clean food and products? We have sinned greatly against you and your glory.  We deserve all the effects of the fall, but in your great mercy will you hear us and will you heal our land?  Will you grant us healing from your divine hand and power?  Will you grant us your power to have changed and purified hearts and characters as we live to worship and adore you?  We need your spirit now and always.  Will you bless our families as well with steadfastness and hatred of sin and love for what is good and focusing on you and your glory and glorious greatness?  We love you Lord. You are amazing God.

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Do these ingredients mix with lecithin to form lysolecithin and cause lesions?

Dear Lord, will you remind me what I’ve seen and questioned?  Will you help someone to research this in a lab and make some determinations and decisions that will help us stay healthy?  Will you remind us that we are yours forever through the the blood of Christ Jesus who died on the cross for our sins and rose from the dead?

Are you looking for a topic for your doctoral thesis? How about studying food biochemistry? This would apply if you are in biochemistry, biology, or a health related field.  I’m putting three thesis ideas in one post.

First thesis:

I read all these labels and wonder what the chemical reaction is on the lecithin in the food when mixed with these ingredients. Not everything will lyse lecithin to make the toxic lesion-causing lysolecithin / lysoPC. (I plan on returning to this list and adding as I see fit.)

So I question:

  • lactic acid
  • lactid acid starter culture
  • culture
  • triglycerides (lyolecithin rides a triglyceride)
  • mono and diglycerides
  • vitamin E (Does a large accumulation cause lesions by activating lysoPC in our bodies?)

And why is vitamin E added to everything.  I learned in Nutrition class that there are four vitamins that the body doesn’t eliminate easily – A, D, E, and K.  (<-A great reason not to take multi-vitamins. Plus, how do you know those multi-vitamins don’t cause inflammation?) Vitamin E is added as a preservative, but I have yet to read about its efficacy as a preservative.  So, basically all this health food stuff is randomly adding a lot of vitamin E.  Who wants to accumulate a lot of vitamin E? Isn’t it sufficient naturally in our food sources? They are also putting vitamin A in children’s juices.  Is that responsible? And don’t get me on the whole milk thing with vitamin D.

Second thesis:

Discover which foods are contributing to disease. This one’s super simple and great for a number cruncher. Start with multiple sclerosis. Have so many people with MS volunteer to give you their grocery, product, and dining receipts. Input them all into a program for say three months. (It only takes two weeks to develop lesions from lysolecithin.) Subgroup the volunteers into those with experiencing relapses during the time frame. Check those receipts closely.  I think you’d determine a product or two that could be culpable.

Some groceries keep tabs on what people buy and have a card where they track everything that person does. It would be amazing to have access to those files with the added information of the sickness each person has.  This would be fascinating to run on diabetes, liver disease, different kinds of cancers and dementias. I think it would be responsible for a grocery to monitor what it sells and even quietly retire certain products until the manufacturer changes the ingredients.

I know one area that really only sells two types of pizzas in the grocery store: Totinos and Digiorno. {The stores were full of items from the Mother Load list of products that cause lesions post.) Both of these have the ultimate red zone ingredient “enzyme modified cheese.” Do you think it’s a wonder that I heard about four people all suffering from nerve damage and symptoms that match the effects of lysolecithin/ lysoPC?

Speaking of quietly retiring ingredients: do you really think all these salmonella outbreaks or listeria etc. outbreaks are caused by whole foods? Have you ever noticed that there is never, ever  practically a large outbreak that can be attributed to a synthetic ingredient? It’s almost always a tomato or lettuce or milk, etc. Poor farmers! The chemists aren’t about to suffer loss! Just saying.

My last thesis:

I am not sure but I have a hunch that liver diseases such as non-alcoholic cirrhosis, could be caused by Metformin and a medicine hard on the liver like Zoloft. I think this needs to be looked into.

Also, starting a garden as soon as possible with like four dying plants I bought a week or so ago.  Ha ha!  May the Lord bless it!

Thank you Jesus for your amazing grace and loving ways.  You are gentle and kind, the merciful savior who rode into Jerusalem on a donkey and suffered at the hands of evil men, dying an excruciating death and then rising victoriously over the grave.  I love you Lord! You are splendid and majestic.  Please have mercy on us and grant us grace to live for you.  Protect us and grant us your gifts of the spirit, especially gentleness and love. Amen.

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Click Here for Healing Prayer

God, I need a healing prayer. Will you give me a healing prayer for those of us you will heal?

Lord you are beautiful; your face is all I seek. Your grace is amazing.  I thank you for opening my eyes to see Jesus lifted up on the cross for my sins, dying in my place, and suffering the wrath that my sinfulness deserves.  I thank you, Lord. I believe you rose from the dead. I believe you are in heaven now.  I believe you are my savior and give me the power to believe in you. I am very blessed. Thank you Lord.

I ask for your power now as each person reads this prayer.  I ask for your holy presence to pour over them and spill over into their hearts and minds. Please overshadow doubt and disbelief and remind them of your all consuming power. You are the mighty God who overthrew armies of great kings with just a handful of people. You are the God whose anme is I AM.  You are so powerful. You made the sun stand still.  Remin us of your greatness and your glory but please do not overwhelm us- you are so great. I praise you for your unending acts of kindness towards man, towards us who believe and for your amazing grace that allows rain to even fall upon the wicked. Thank you for your many gifts.

Please bind the evil one away from us.  Please grant us time and the ability to pray with our hearts and minds.  Lord we ask for great healing. I ask it for my leg and brain and whole body.  Heal my heart and mind physically.  I pray for healing for others reading this.  I pray for your divine intervention to make us better.  Lord, it is not because of anything we do or say, but for your great glory.  If this brings you glory, please heal us of our pain and sickness.  Please show us how to live in order to maintina health and healing and focusing on worshiping you. May we ever be mindful of your great mercy to us in this.  We need you to keep us from being prideful or forgetful like Hezekiah or worldly. Please separate us out from this world that we may not join in with those who hate you and your righteous decrees. We are forgiven and free to live for you by your amazing grace.  I pray for total healing now.

I pray for those you have not chosen to heal to have faith that you know what to do that you are merciful and gracious and slow to anger and abounding in love and compassion.  I pray for their comfort.  Please comfort those who must suffer. I pray for your amazing grace in their lives.  I pray for Barefoot Artist, for Sue, for AnonMS, LadywithMS., izforall, pain warriors, Kitt O’Malley, cliffs, Jason, tonsapemor,Shari, Tom, lissms,Nancy, Sweat, belikewater, midset, ladiesspa, bellhop, professor, Lke, giant, Shannon, naty, joe, Jasmine, Sunny, Cromack, Christian, Brahman, David, Bacon, Kendall, Polital, Ibrahim, and thriving and the lady who found lysolecithin in her eye products.  Please bless us with faithand protection, I pray. In Jesus’ mighty and powerful name I ask for these things and greater things as you see fit. Amen.

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Farmer’s Markets and Not Processed

Lord will you remind us of your unfailing love and amazing gift of food and life and well being? You rose from the dead giving us power to live forever by your side in heaven.  I love you and thank you for this opportunity to serve you on earth.  Will you bless me and those reading this to serve you well?

So, farmer’s markets can be quite different from one another. On the one hand, you have the real country market with a few farmers who aren’t anything but surprised if you ask about organic or pesticide-free and on the other you have the market where you can buy hummus and couscous and a five dollar loaf of bread.  Whatever your options are, I think your are best off asking a few questions.

The first question is are these pesticide free? I am not sure how much this actually answers.

Do you use organic farming practices?  A farmer cannot say something is organic unless it’s certified, I think.

I don’t think it’s best to eat local over organic.  I do think it’s best to eat local and organic.

So, you may want to go with a friend the first time to a large market or just go and read, since most organic foods are labelled.

I don’t try to bargain with the farmers. I figure they are charging an honest price and prefer to support local farmers. Like, if they asked me for ten dollars at church, I’d give it to them.  I don’t want to haggle.

I did have one guy I went to last year who I later learned was a Bible study leader.  I felt good supporting his business.  I hope he felt good helping me try to get well.  Don’t you think that would be fulfilling? He would tell me, “I can vouch for the oranges and okra being pesticide free but the apples are from another place.” That kind of honesty went far with me.  I felt good about what I was eating.

I cannot wait to see how this year’s farmer’s markets go. Hopefully, we’ll find some healing from processed products in the process.

May the Lord bless and keep you and make his face shine upon you.  The Lord blesses those who believe his son, Jesus, died on the cross for their sins.  The Lord keeps the believers to the very end. The Lord’s face shines upon us like it did upon Moses as he met face-to-face with our savior.  May you shine like stars in the heavens as you wait on our risen Lord.

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Prayer and More on Not Divorcing

There’s a wideness to God’s mercy. He forgives us our sins and sent his son to die in our place.  We are forgiven by the blood of Jesus.  It’s a marvelous thing. His resurrection shows his amazing power over sin, death, and the grave.  Grace, grace God’s grace!

First off, I’ve been on this health food thing for a year and a half. Still no relapses, so I feel fairly confident in the effectiveness of eliminating non-natural lysoPC.

Secondly, I just praise you Lord. You are majestic and worthy of all praise.  You built your home on the heights and live in unimaginable splendor which emanates from your being.  You are amazing God.  Please bless our musicians to create more and beautiful worship music so we may sing praises to your holy name.  Will you give us hearts that are dedicated to you and help us to separate ourselves out of this world’s sinful behavior and live honestly and uprightly before you?  Lord, we love you with an undying love that you gave us.  I thank you for your peace and inner strength that make each day special and powerful.  Thank you for giving me the energy I need to accomplish tasks and to achieve the goals to take care of those around me.  You are amazing God. I cannot do this in my own strength; without your help I am a disjointed mess. Thank you.  Please help many to be healed.  Please show us when to pray for healing and what to pray for each person that comes our way.  There are no accidents. You love us each and every one with a love so great that I cannot put words to your lavishness. You are incredible and holy.  Please forgive our sins and grant us wisdom to remember your words in Scripture and to encourage others with your great gift of heaven. May the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts be acceptable in your sight oh God, our rock and our redeemer.  Please draw us into your word.  Please surround us with your mercy.  Please fill our mouths with songs of praise. We desire to live in your presence and feel your holy spirit as we live out our lives.  Would you grant us boldness and the right words to share the gospel without making others feel awkward?  Would you give us diving appointments and words to tell people of Jesus’ perfect life, our sinfulness, your holiness, and your redemptive plan that Jesus carried out in his passion of dying for sins once and for all, the just for the unjust and three days later rising again from the dead which is our life? Would you surround us with your protection and those who come to know you? We need you Lord.  Would you grant us the fruits of the spirit as we interact with those around us? We desperately desire to honor you in our relationships with others. It is most difficult to be loving and kind when interacting with others. Please bless those we love and those we don’t love.  Hold your gracious hand out to us and remind us of the great love that you’ve poured into us jars of clay.  Worthy is the Lamb who was slain.

Thirdly, I have more to add about the whole being able to divorce because your spouse cheated on you.  The destructiveness of that way thinking has permeated many cultures and wreaked havoc on marriages. Let me give you two examples. First, I must say that you have to have a permanency in your mind about being married especially in this regard; it seems most people cheat on their spouse at one time or another.

First real life scenario with two Christians. A married man sleeps with his neighbor. The wife finds out about the adultery and  gets pregnant. They reunite.  At this point she decides she’s going to get full and well ready and then divorce him. She goes to school. It takes ten years to get her degree and become certified to teach. During that time she gathers evidence against her husband using private investigators. Then she meets a wealthy man in her church and becomes very friendly with him. Finally she gets her real job and BAM she’s ready to divorce because that man is not doing A, B and C and she’s really disappointed in him and expected more out of him. And all this okay with everyone in the church and their families because he committed adultery. I ask, is this how we should live as Christians? Does God not call us to a holier life than this? Is this how God treats us? Were we forgiven so little? And practically speaking, what if, just what if, she wasn’t actually saved and the husband was? Is she severing herself off from the possibility of eternal life? Biblically if she’s not saved, she’s free to leave him at any point but in this case that would blow her Christian reputation.

Another scenario between two Christians. The wife commits adultery on the husband early in the marriage. He finds out. She continues the adultery throughout their lifelong marriage. He stays with her like God stays with us. Every three years she threatens divorce because she thinks Matthew gives her the right to divorce because of her unfaithfulness, and she espouses the usual complaints against her husband that adulterers make about how this person has serious sins and never meets this adulteress’ needs because the spouse is such a loser. He never takes her seriously. She never leaves, and this goes on for over forty years. What kind of marriage does that create where one spouse thinks they can leave at any time because they commit adultery, what turmoil?  She needs to repent and commit to her husband and quit thinking she can leave. It’s like how we turn from our sins and turn to Christ in repentance and faith.

Logically, how could the Word promote staying in a marriage with someone with all kinds of devious sins like mutilations or injecting oneself with diseases but give a right to divorce over infidelity? That doesn’t make sense!

Finally, 1 Kings 19 and 20 contain some of my favorite parts of the Bible. I love where God uses a still small voice to communicate with Elijah. I also love the boldness with which we can speak to great people by faith in God’s promises like Ahab did when he said, “Let not him that girdeth on his harness boast himself as he that putteth it off.”

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Lord you give good instruction and truth to our eyes. You give us favor through Jesus death for our sins and resurrection unto life. Ffffffggghgffffdd

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So What Can We Eat?

Lord, I love this idea you’ve given me and ask you to bless it.  Will you bless those reading now to know you and your glorious power now, to know the power of your suffering and the power of your resurrection. How amazing are you Lord? Your glory fills all the earth. Fill our mouths with your praises. Please help me succinctly say this.

So, dear reader, we have talked about what not to eat in the Mother Load post with over eight hundred products with potential lesion- causing ingredients. I’d categorize those in the red zone, like stay away from those products and only give them to your family if you are into murder.  Which I totally don’t condone! Then there is the green zone with the what I want to eat post that The Lord helped make a reality, grass fed beef, real milk, non-GMO, organic, local foods.  But what about when you are out and need to make a smart choice?

Let me start by saying that I am not receiving any kick backs for endorsements. I am a fellow pain sufferer and these are the things I found to be safe up to this point. But these things are mostly in the yellow zone, not organic, GMO free, or local, etc. Let’s look at different scenarios.

Your friend wants to eat at a restaurant. What do you eat? This one stinks. You are stuck with raw vegetables no sauces and possibly some plain meat unless you can deftly pull up an ingredients list online and figure out something quickly.

You want to take the children to Chik Fil A. Okay, you have choices. Oatmeal for breakfast with the toppings included. Pretty amazing right? The grilled chicken is almost totally safe besides not being organic and like stuff serious people know about chickens. The waffle potato chips by the register don’t have the plastic in the oil but the oil used isn’t expeller pressed-I have to give in on regular oils eating at gatherings, probably not the greatest choice. Fruits and salads are alright. The cole slaw has one ingredient I won’t eat. If they took out that it would be ideal. Remember they do sell red zone items here so stay away from those.

You are traveling. The best way to lose an hour and eat healthy is to stop in at a grocery store. Car eating has never been so fun. Try to get to the richest nicest part of town and locate the spiffiest grocery store.This is nice because you are getting into a new grocery store where you don’t know where anything is, but you are rewarded with different new items to try. Look for your old standbys- AppleGate, Newman’s Own, Simple Truth Brand at Kroger, Amy’s in the frozen section and health area. Here I would like to say, do not shop based on price, shop based on ingredients. This is a major cultural shift in thinking that must happen if you want to stay healthy. You save a ton of money by just not buying a ton of junk. One can of Amy’s soup fills me up more than two of Progresso or Campbell’s and doesn’t taste half so nasty. I can also suggest a book series here called Eat This Not That.  You still have to use your lysolecithin knowledge to avoid it but there is plenty of good advice in those books that is still current.

The “you have to try it” food pusher. This could be anyone from your boss, your mom, your spouse, to your mother in law. They really want to feed you something so toxically delicious that you cannot resist. So, here I pray. Sometimes I just eat whatever bite of cheesy and sometimes I just resist. I’ve found that if I give a polite answer about how the food isn’t on my okay list to eat, then the compassion is about used up and I have an angry loved one on my hands. Oops. Sometimes it works to say, I just really don’t like to eat cheese. I have to be careful because I really do love cheese or what they offer and just have to not lie somehow.  Prayer usually works and God gives you an answer.  It’s when they offer a child in the family some Spaghetti Os or something that I have to say no. It’s not the person’s fault who offers. They trust that approved ingredients are actually okay. You and I know differently. Please don’t try to convince your loved one at that particular time though- offensive. Any tactful suggestions here?

There is one very distressing area that I cannot find an okay alternative. Chewing gum. It’s chock full of lecithin and chemical sweeteners. Please will someone create an old school gum without junk? So that’s my plea. I imagine chicle has health benefits. It got squeezed out of gum some time ago.

Next, chocolate has been saved by Enjoy Life chips and Hershey’s cocoa. I think Enjoy Life could go far if they recreate all the old standby candy bars with healthy and real ingredients and / or create sumptuous bites of yumminess. I’d like an Erehwon graham cracker coated in chocolate and topped with a health food store marshmallow. Have you ever eaten one of those? Those marshmallows with the pink and blue kids on it are amazing. Oh, that’s why people fell in love with marshmallows- because they taste incredible! I feel the same way about real milk. Have you ever had milk from the cow? I had some this time last year and it was like a beautiful explosion of amazingness. How in the world were we convinced to drink something different? I do know. They scared the peediddle out of people in the fifties telling them they could die from milk unless they heated it. Then they shut down all the local dairies and left us with whole milk in a red jug with added vitamin D which causes inflammation. That’s like driving a Hummer when you could drive a Cadillac. Somebody made some money there- it sounds like the Walmart of dairies.

I want to revisit the Simple Truth brand at Kroger. It’s a whole line of decent food at a low price which can be eaten pretty safely. I have two ingredient list concerns, lecithin and cultures. The noodles and dry goods are not enriched and the “processed foods” have real ingredients. The vegetables and fruits are organic and look fresh and good.  If you need to lose weight, this is the way to go. Look at a room full of people. The skinny ones are health nuts. Ask them. An easy way to go full in with health food is the Simple Truth line. Also, Kroger will order anything you ask for. They have yeast that has no monosorbitan stearate, is that right? I always get that one confused. Thanks lesions for taking my spelling power.

I come from a long line of spellers. Before Google I went to my mother. Who’s smaaaaart and a beauty which I add because I am about to tell you how nerdy we actually are because this is how I discovered my grandmother’s somehow one of the smartest women ever, and most beautiful and kind unlike me. My Gran’s amazing!!! I digress. Our cousins came to visit and brought an idea to open the dictionary and chose a word and everyone had to come up with a definition whether they knew it or not. This game was fun – except Gran knew the definitions! Not much competition but an eye opener. After that, I pretty much did whatever she said. I advise you to honor your elders-and repent and apologize when you don’t-they have been through a lot. In Spanish elders are called “ancianos” which helps me remember they spent many years in this world to get to now.

So this leads me to my last point, I think. Shouldn’t nursing homes offer real foods and the healthiest non toxic choices? Simply by serving what these people ate as young people should help reverse the dementia and give them some lucidity. I’ve heard some places ar e doing this. Couldn’t one family’s insistence and supplemental income to the cafeteria make a huge difference in the health of the residents?  Can you see their faces when they eat a fresh from the hog sausage homemade with butter and milk and not enriched flour biscuit with a big cup of lightly pasteurized milk? (Its illegal in most places to sell raw milk. Plus that would scare them.) They’ll think they’ve died and gone to heaven. Have you noticed that one spouse ” goes down” when the other dies? One major life change that occurs is that the living spouse stops cooking because cooking for one is not satisfying. Then what do they eat? Look at the mother load list for frozen entrees. Get that junk out of their freezers. You can order real food online to be delivered through the mail. Chefs are onto this and have created whole systems to get real food into our hands. If you are sick and wealthy, you can order these. Seriously, why wouldn’t you? You should get better quickly. If I charged for my advice this would be some serious personal knowledge. Seize the day. Eat real food today and tomorrow and forever. I am serious about our elders coming back from dementia. God made our bodies powerful and food to strengthen his amazing creation. Pray about it. See if you can talk to Mom one more time. If you have the money, or their money, then start today.

You know, I don’t even deal with cancer on my blog. I don’t look at products that cause cancer and my blog’s full of lesion- causing things. I have the utmost respect for those who are fighting the cancer onslaught with truth about diet playing a decisive factor frequently. There are many good blogs on real food and healing from cancer.  This food’s so toxic. We have to take care of the little ones and the “ancianos” and ourselves.

Longest. Blog. Post. Ever.

Lord thank you for time to write. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the many people you give wisdom to create healthy meals for us. I want to praise you Jesus for people at Newman’s Own and their fore site and care to provide us with healthy normal food. Thank you God for those at Amy’s brand that creates cheese less pizza and good world foods. Please grow their business and health acumen. Thank you for the person in charge of Simple Truth line at Kroger. Please bless them with knowledge  how to side step the many pitfalls when creating healthy products. Please help them to support local growers and farmers and make wise decisions in many areas. Please bless those under this person to successfully implement these plans. I praise you for these people. i pray for the salvation of their souls. Jesus. Please help others to follow suit and to open a broader, more healthy food source. I pray especially for poorer areas that have terrible toxic foods on the grocery shelves. That is not right. The children, the schools, the nursing homes- please clean them out and fix the food problems. Open people’s eyes. We have hope because you are in this world. Use us. We are the sheep of your pasture. Change Monsanto, change Green Giant, change Chef Boy R D. Send your Holy Spirit and heal our land. We need you. we repent of our pride. We don’t want to be prideful but to trust in you and your mighty power. Thank you that you give me the ability to think and write. How blessed I am. Thank you Jesus for dying for me on the cross. Thank you Jesus for suffering and rising from death to give me new life. How blessed I am. You chose me despite who I am. I am blessed by you. Thank you Jesus.

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